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15 Funniest Fake Sports Twitter Accounts You Need to Follow


There are plenty of parody accounts out there and Athlon Sports has narrowed it down to the best 15.

15. @Fake_Prokhorov

The Russian billionaire/owner of the Brooklyn Nets chimes in on the sports world. No translator required.

14. @TheFakeESPN

Spoofing ESPN and and its personalities is old hat by now. This fake ESPN account, though, is one of the better ones. And sometimes, we can't tell if it's fake or not.

13. @PretendLouHoltz

Mocking Lou Holtz's lisp is low-hanging fruit, but give credit to this fake account for slaying its biggest enemies: Spell check and autocorrect.

12. @DanyAllStar15

If you like your tweets from journeyman left wingers to be profane, this is the right place for you.

11. @FauxPelini

The avatar alone is worth the price of admission to this account spoofing Nebraska’s hotheaded coach.

10. @PeytonsHead

Peyton Manning has a big head. And he has an even bigger twitter account. His large dome’s bio says it all: “Best head on twitter. Making fun of sports, pop culture, and my size!”

9. @CoachQsMustache

What it's like to have a front-row seat with the two-time Stanley Cup champion coach with the Blackhawks. Talk to the 'stache. It will Tweet back.

8. @FutureJoeSchad

The account mocking one of ESPN’s college football reporters is a little sophomoric, but we applaud a parody account of the WWL that credits everything to a “Source.”

7. @NatePlay60

The kid from the NFL's Play 60 commercials made a name for himself mocking Cam Newton. His fake account takes on the rest of the league.

6. @FauxJohnMadden

Still funnier than the Frank Caliendo sketches.

5. @FakeGrantland

Think Bill Simmons’ Grantland is too stuffy? Don’t need Mad Men Power Rankings and Real World/Road Rules Challenge recaps clogging your sports site? Not interested in Bon Jovi thinkpieces? Fake Grantland is for you.

4. @DanBeebe

Started as the Big 12 began to crumble under its former commissioner, the fake Dan Beebe account revels in the #buyoutlife while poking fun at the misfortunes of Texas, the haplessness of Missouri and the sensitivity of the Texas A&M fanbase.

3. @OnionSports

A satire account written by the pros over at The Onion. How can you go wrong?

2. @NotBillWalton

Not sure why the real Bill Walton didn’t provide enough entertainment on his own. His parody account, though, delivers the goods.

1. @OldHossRadbourn

This pitching deity and dapper gent is named after Charles “Old Hoss” Radbourn, who played “base ball” from 1881-91. He comments on today’s game and current events with the point of view you may expect from a man who completed 73 of 75 games and pitched 678 innings in 1884.