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25 Twitter Accounts Every SEC Football Fan Should Follow


As you would expect from the nation's pre-eminent football conference, the SEC is well-represented in the Twitterverse by people who know the league intimately and aren't afraid to tell you about it. We took a look at the lengthy list of SEC-oriented Twitter accounts and whittled them down to 25 that are definitely worth a follow.

Love him or hate him, you can't deny that Travis entertains and inflames with his SEC-centric observations. Prepare to get angry, although Travis' affection for those he lampoons takes some of the edge off. Just beware of his new obsession with butt-chugging.

Alabama's versatile o-lineman is that rare college athlete who's worth following. No nonsense, no inside jokes, just a smart kid who doesn't take himself too seriously. He's funny, too.

Herb Hand, Vandy's exceptional (and exceptionally nice) o-line coach, beats the drum on Twitter for Vandy, Nashville and the SEC while offering words of wisdom for everyday living. Not your usual coach-speak.

With a name like that, you better deliver the goods. And he does, covering the league's 14 teams from every angle — coaching, recruiting and on-the-field performance. Lots of useful links, too.

The worldwide leader doesn't disappoint with its SEC coverage thanks to lead bloggers Chris Low and Edward Aschoff, who scour the corners of the interwebs for nuggets of SEC wisdom and share them with hungry SEC fans everywhere. In addition to @ESPN_SEC, which is links central for fans of the nation's best conference, Aschoff maintains his own Twitter account with tidbits like this.

The Florida Gators beat writer for the Palm Beach Post, Jason Lieser is a one-stop shop for all things Swamp-related, but he doesn't limit his tweets to the Gators, offering sharp observations on what's happening in all 12 SEC shops.

Seth's hunkered down in Athens ready to bring you any relevant Dawg news he uncovers. Mark Richt may have lost control, but Seth hasn't.

Covering Kentucky football is a thankless task, but Kyle Tucker of the Louisville Courier-Journal handles the chore admirably, giving you everything you need to know as the UK coaches rearrange their deck chairs while the ship goes down.

Mizzou's new to the SEC this season, but Matter's a seasoned veteran at providing news you can use out of the other Columbia. As the author of The Mizzou Fan's Survival Guide to the SEC, he knows what his team has gotten itself into.

Slater's on the beat with the ol' ball coach, covering the Gamecocks for the hometown paper and sharing insights via Twitter. He has a little fun with it in the process.

Lockridge is the Vandy man for The Tennessean. If James Franklin says something controversial, Lockridge will let you know.

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Cecil's been covering Bama since the Bear's last season. I'd say that makes him a suitable go-to guy for all things Tide-related.

Tom's had his hands full this season covering the dumpster fire that is Arkansas football in the post-Petrino era so far, but he's handling the transitional season far better than John L. Smith is.

@JayGTate bills itself as your No. 1 source for Auburn athletics and recruiting news. Jay's one of the reasons why. The Auburn program's suddenly in tatters, but the coverage is still solid.

Randy should be the envy of the SEC. He gets to cover Les Miles on a daily basis, giving him first-hand access to some of the best material in the Twitterverse.

Hugh Kellenberger covers Ole Miss for the Jackson Clarion-Ledger. A couple things become obvious when you visit his page: He loves college football, and he loves Mumford & Sons. Only one of those things is relevant to this discussion.

Brad Locke covers Dan Mullen's Mississippi State Bulldogs. Now that things are rocking over in Scott Field, that's become a pretty plum gig, and Brad handles it well.

Brent brings you all the news from Aggie-land. He's on the front lines of A&M coach Kevin Sumlin's love-hate relationship with the media.

All of us here at Athlon Sports — @AthlonMitch, @BradenGall, @DavidFox615, @AthlonDoster — are worth following, but Steven Lassan's our resident college football prodigy. Ask him anything — the backup quarterback situation at UL Lafayette, for example — and he can tell you everything you need to know.

The mere mention of his name provokes outrage in some quarters. Paul Finebaum has been stirring the pot in the Yellowhammer State for three decades now and has taken his talents to Twitter, although he spends a lot of Tweets quoting what others have to say. For the Finebaum haters, that's just as well.

World-wide Wes' specialty is Tennessee Vols football at, but he has plenty to say about everything that's remotely relevant in SEC football on his Twitter feed. Also, he uses his avatar to keep us apprised of his beard status (currently negative).

Jon Solomon writes about SEC football for the Birmingham News. As you'd expect, he has plenty to say about Bama and Auburn, but he has a special focus on the media biz that separates him from the pack.

Referring to yourself as Mr. College Football may seem a little self-aggrandizing, but after years in the SEC trenches, Tony Barnhart's earned the right to pat himself on the back.

Part columnist, part professional internet troll, Orlando's Mike Bianchi is an equal opportunity offender where Florida and Florida State are concerned. That makes him worth following, although he does spend a lot of time plugging his radio gig.

Bleacher Report's lead SEC college football writer is a fountain of information on his home site and a premium pot-stirrer on Twitter, weighing in with uncensored opinions on all things SEC. Plenty of useful links, too.