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50 Twitter Accounts Every College Football Fan Should Follow


College football is well-represented in the Twitterverse by people who know the game intimately and aren't afraid to tell you about it. We took a look at the lengthy list of CFB-oriented Twitter accounts and whittled them down to 50 that are definitely worth a follow. These tweeting all-stars are sure to entertain, educate and occasionally enrage. Let us know your favorites (and anyone we missed).

Bruce Feldman is a prolific and informative tweeter with a history of breaking news via the medium (and occasionally jumping the gun, but that's part of Twitter's charm). Definitely worth a follow.

Sports Illustrated's Stewart Mandel describes himself as a "Writer, author, lover, humanitarian and college football writer for" We can only vouch for the college football part. Guy's a fountain of information and opinion, although he doesn't always seem to welcome criticism very cheerfully. Of course, who does?

Mandel's SI colleague is a college football savant and part-time foodie who's also equal parts funny and astute.

Mark Ennis is legendary around the Athlon offices for how prolifically he tweets. Chances are he's weighed in about 15 times on Louisville football, Dwyane Wade's fashion choices and Andrew Wiggins by the time you get to work in the morning. Given that level of output, they can't all be gems — but many of them are.

Brett McMurphy was a good get for the Worldwide Leader, and as he was with CBS Sports, he's a prolific breaker of news via Twitter.

@CFTalk is precisely what it's advertised to be: an ongoing conversation about the sport we love. Its tweeting home is equally engaging.

Saturday Down South self-bills as the "largest website covering @SECFootball." Don't know about largest, but it's one of the best. Their Twitter feed is typically just a shortcut to the website, but well worth a follow.

You might associate the Associated Press with relics of a different time, but AP college football writer Ralph Russo's Twitter feed, delivered in Brooklyn-ese, is anything but stale.

Bryan Fischer is among Athlon's go-to sources for Pac-12 news, as well as generally amusing observations. He's not quite at a Mengus-level output, but he's close.

The Eye sees all.'s college football feed draws on the expert opinions and inside sources of some of the best in the business.

We're partial to Sirius XM College Sports Nation because our own Braden Gall is a frequent contributor. That doesn't mean they're not a quality follow. Their Twitter feed is a handy entry point to their on-air content.

Adam Kramer bills himself as "Founder and gatekeeper of Kegs ‘n Eggs. Lead College Football Writer for Bleacher Report. Advocate of FAT GUY TOUCHDOWNS, #MACtion and Las Vegas tomfoolery." I have nothing to add to that, except to recommend a follow.

Someday, maybe soon, ACC football will be relevant, and when that day comes, Jim Young is poised to rule. He's your ACC source on all things football and basketball.

CBS' national college football writer Dennis Dodd can be infuriating, but he's never not interesting.

Dodd's CBS colleague is a solid reporter and equally solid Tweeter.

Love him or hate him, you can't deny that Travis entertains and inflames with his SEC-centric observations. Prepare to get angry, although Travis' affection for those he lampoons takes some of the edge off. Good news: He seems to have overcome his obsession with butt-chugging.

The Forde Yard Dash is an in-season must read.

Herb Hand, Vandy's exceptional (and exceptionally nice) o-line coach, beats the drum on Twitter for Vandy, Nashville and the SEC while offering words of wisdom for everyday living. Not your usual coach-speak.

With a name like that, you better deliver the goods. And he does, covering the league's 14 teams from every angle — coaching, recruiting and on-the-field performance. Lots of useful links, too.

The worldwide leader doesn't disappoint with its SEC coverage thanks to lead bloggers Chris Low and Edward Aschoff, who scour the corners of the interwebs for nuggets of SEC wisdom and share them with hungry SEC fans everywhere. In addition to @ESPN_SEC, which is links central for fans of the nation's best conference, Aschoff maintains his own Twitter account with tidbits like this.

Continuing with our mothership theme, David Ubben handles all things Big 12 for ESPN.

There's no more Big East (it's now the American Athletic), so watch for the Twitter handle to change.

Seth's hunkered down in Athens ready to bring you any relevant Dawg news he uncovers. Mark Richt may have lost control, but Seth hasn't.

Cecil's been covering Bama since the Bear's last season. I'd say that makes him a suitable go-to guy for all things Tide-related.

All of us here at Athlon Sports — @AthlonMitch, @BradenGall, @DavidFox615, @AthlonDoster — are worth following, but Steven Lassan's our resident college football prodigy. Ask him anything — the backup quarterback situation at UL Lafayette, for example — and he can tell you everything you need to know.

The mere mention of his name provokes outrage in some quarters. Paul Finebaum has been stirring the pot in the Yellowhammer State for three decades now and has taken his talents to Twitter, although he spends a lot of Tweets quoting what others have to say. For the Finebaum haters, that's just as well.

World-wide Wes' specialty is Tennessee Vols football at, but he has plenty to say about everything that's remotely relevant in SEC football on his Twitter feed. Also, he uses his avatar to keep us apprised of his beard status (currently positive).

Referring to yourself as Mr. College Football may seem a little self-aggrandizing, but after years in the SEC trenches, Tony Barnhart's earned the right to pat himself on the back.

Part columnist, part professional internet troll, Orlando's Mike Bianchi is an equal opportunity offender where Florida and Florida State are concerned. That makes him worth following, although he does spend a lot of time plugging his radio gig.

Bleacher Report's lead SEC college football writer is a fountain of information on his home site and a premium pot-stirrer on Twitter, weighing in with uncensored opinions on all things SEC. Plenty of useful links, too.

Rob Moseley covers Oregon football for the Eugene Register-Guard, and he tweets pithy observations from the front lines of the Great Northwest's offensive juggernaut. Also not afraid of lively interactions with fellow tweeters.

Jim Mora has wasted no time jockeying for attention in ADHD-afflicted Southern California. He hasn't really extended his pot-stirring to Twitter yet, but there's always hope.

Scott Wolf is a staff writer for the LA Daily News, meaning he has a front-row seat for the ongoing circus that is the Lane Kiffin era in LA.

Chris Foster is the LA Times' UCLA beat writer and dispenses nuggets from Bruin-land. As you would expect from a school with 11 national titles, he leans basketball in his tweet count.

Football, food and female hotness. What more is there to the Internet? Elika Sadeghi covers all three on her Twitter feed, with a Big Ten emphasis. To follow her is to love her.

Since 2008, Adam Rittenberg and Brian Bennett have been regaling Big Ten fans with news, notes and links for the mothership.

Jim's the publisher of SPARTAN Magazine and is a one-stop shop for all things Gang Green-related. Especially good for in-game tweets that give you a feel for the action.

Teddy has one of the best self-descriptions on Twitter: "lover, fighter, Chicago Trib sportswriter." Kind of says it all, although he focuses on the sports part on his Twitter feed, in bareknuckles fashion.

The publisher of, Sean (Don't Call Me Bill) Callahan has seen the Nebraska program suffer through some uncharacteristic struggles the last several years. But unlike the team, Sean's coverage is consistently solid.

Tom Dienhart is the senior writer for, the website for the Big Ten Network. Whenever there's football to be played, he's got it covered.

Eleven Warriors is your source for all things Scarlet and Grey. It's the largest free Ohio State sports source on the internet, and they've extended their footprint to Twitter in a big way.

If you prefer a more cerebral take on the game, this feed's for you. Editor Chris Brown's also a Grantland contributor if you're not into the whole brevity thing.

Guy knows the NCAA inside and out so you don't have to. For that, we should all be grateful.

His self-descriptor says it all: writer/Heisman voter breaking down the politics of the most prestigious award in sports, plus hard-hitting college football commentary & analysis. What more do you want?

USA Today contributor Myerberg's feed is all college football, all the time.

Another USA Today scribe, Schroeder freely dispenses observations on a variety of topics, not just college football. He's moving away from Oregon, though, so no more Springfield police log.

Okay, so the SB Nation talking torso only occasionally touches on college football, but dude's funny.

If you prefer your college football with a midwestern, heartland flavor, it doesn't get any more heartland than the KC Star's Blair Kerkhoff.

It's more of a general college site, but I couldn't let this Twitter rundown lapse without mentioning the guys over at Every Day Should Be Saturday, who freely share a love of college football with a slightly skewed, always amusing perspective.

Another member of the "Every Day Should Be Saturday" empire, sir broosk regales with absurdist observations, never failing to bring the funny on college football and anything else that springs to mind.