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ACC College Football Teams as Rock and Roll Bands

Florida State Seminoles

Florida State Seminoles

Music, like sports, sparks debate, creates discussion and can even lead to heated disagreements.

But both are unquestionably a huge part of American culture. So Athlon Sports has decided to combine two of our favorite things — rock and roll with college football.

What if our favorite football programs were rock and roll bands? Every Power 5 team will be represented, so if you don’t see your favorite band or school here, keep your eyes peeled.

Power 5 Teams as Rock Bands: ACC | Big Ten | Big 12 | Pac-12 | SEC

Here are the 14 ACC schools and Notre Dame as rock bands:

Boston College: The National

Sort of like Georgia Tech, you know exactly what you are going to get. It will be slow and a little depressing but once it clicks you will appreciate it much more. They have a distinct identity that is consistently good without ever reaching greatness.

Clemson: Kings of Leon

Both have been downright unstoppable at times but consistently get in their own way. You think they are really good but you’re never really sure. Both are led by outspoken and occasionally intense and controversial leaders.

Duke: Radiohead

Extremely well thought of by the media and the experts who are in the know. But are sort of just there, playing noise in the room while people are focused on other things. Complex and organized and very, very smart, but definitely no championships.

Florida State: Justin Bieber

No one has a more rabid and vocal following — especially on Twitter — than the Beebs and the Noles. The fans are crazy passionate and will do anything to support their guys. Both are astronomically successful but so easy to hate from the outside.

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Georgia Tech: Pink Floyd

Slow, methodical and precise. The structures are complex, layered and intentionally hard to follow. Yet, somehow it’s just beautiful to behold and consistently solid over a long period of time in a variety of locations.

Louisville: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Big and badass when each dominated its former genre (Big East) before transitioning into mainstream (ACC) slowly but eventually with success. Has shown major staying power and extraordinary talent with some volatile leadership and a love of black and red color scheme.

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Miami: Guns n’ Roses

Brash, loud, audacious and a little filthy. This group rocked the universe and dominated the scene when it was at the top of the mountain but its time may have come and gone. They are just biding their time for Slash to return.

NC State: Zac Brown Band

A Southern country rock group that is way more talented than you might think and the live performances are among the best atmospheres in their genre (the ACC). The staying power is clearly there despite some bad years. And when it hits, it’s as popular and catchy as anything on the market.

North Carolina: The Doors

Consistently overrated and extremely self-destructive. Brilliantly talented folks who just can’t get out of their own way. After watching the show, you wonder why they weren’t better than they actually were.

Notre Dame: Elton John

They are sophisticated, classy and educated — and will tell you about it as much as possible. The presentation is glitzy and glamorous and mostly elite in the 70s and 80s — with a slight one-hit resurgence in the modern era.

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Pitt: Mumford & Sons

An adaptive former rock-a-billy group (Big East) trapped in alt-rock body (Big Ten) living in a mainstream pop world (ACC). No one is really sure what genre they belong in, but, like Tony Dorsett and Dan Marino, that first album way back in the day had some seriously awesome stuff on it.

Syracuse: Billy Joel

A dominant New York force for a long period of time but people have quickly forgotten just how elite he was back in the day. May never get his voice back and had some serious internal problems for a long period of time.

Virginia: Eric Clapton

Really good rising to the top before rock and roll changed around them (by adding Florida State). A rock elitist who has no problem stealing your wife and then writing a Hall of Fame song about it — despite being sort of overrated in its modern form for the last 20 years.

Virginia Tech: Bob Dylan

Brilliant, consistently good for a long period of time but have seen much better days in terms of on-field performance. Respected in the highest regard, talented and beloved by their faithful followers. However, possibly not understood nationally among the youngest generation.

Wake Forest: The Lumineers

It’s smart and beautiful stuff but always a little lacking in strength and depth. The success seems to have been short-lived and they were really, really hot for about a two-year window.