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Alabama Crimson Tide Could Never Beat an NFL Team


The Alabama Crimson Tide is the best team in college football.

In fact, this Alabama team might be Nick Saban’s best since arriving in Tuscaloosa. Considering he has two BCS National Championships in the last three seasons, that is quite a statement. Yet, this is his first team constructed entirely of players he has recruited. This roster is his and his alone — and they are clearly the best team in the nation. Some believe this is one of the deepest college football rosters ever assembled.

And Alabama would still get crushed by any team in the NFL.

So when Steve Spurrier said on "The Dan Patrick Show" that Alabama might be favored over a couple of NFL teams this week, he was sorely mistaken — or talking with an agenda, as is the case most of the time with the Ol’ Ball Coach.

Those in Vegas have reported that Alabama would be a 24-point underdog to both the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Kansas City Chiefs if they played on a neutral field today.

I would lay the points.

Both NFL teams would win by more than five touchdowns. Or worse.

The talent differential is simply too vast. Take into consideration the Crimson Tide’s remarkable performance in the NFL Draft the last three seasons. Saban has had 19 players drafted off of his team over the last three seasons, 10 of which were taken in the first round. So on what many consider to be the best defense ever assembled in college football — the 2011 Alabama Crimson Tide — six are now playing in the NFL.

What about the other 40 defensive players on that team who will never sniff an NFL roster?

So while Alabama might be the most talented team in the nation with the most NFL players of any team in the nation, they still pale in comparison to an ACTUAL NFL team. One is full of teenage children going to ECON 201 classes learning about Supply and Demand for the first time. And the other is grown adult men paying their mortgages with a six- or seven-figure paycheck.

It’s simple math. If he’s lucky, 20 percent of Saban’s roster would be constructed of NFL players. The Chiefs, who have yet to hold a lead in regulation in any game this season, are constructed of 100 percent NFL players.

So even if the Chiefs are the worst team in the league with the worst roster in the league, most every player on the team would start for Alabama.

With the possible exception of Matt Cassel.

-by Braden Gall

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