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Alleged Clemson Fan Reportedly Left Racist Message For No. 1 Recruit Rashan Gary


Rashan Gary is the No. 1 recruit and he will be playing for Michigan. 

Before Gary committed to playing for the Wolverines, he was schedule for a visit to Clemson. That's when he received an unsettling voicemail. According to, a Tigers fan by the name of "Clemson Dan" sent the young athlete a message about just how serious things are in South Carolina.

"Yes, this here is 'Clemson Dan' and this message is for Mr. Rashan Gary," the voicemail said. "We just wanting to know if you're coming down here for a visit, you better be serious about it, because there's only two things we love and that's Clemson football and the KKK."

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Although it wasn't a death threat, it was a threatening remark that Gary should only visit if he was serious about committing to Clemson. 

"So you better not be fooling around, if you're gonna get a visit, you better be committing," Clemson Dad said. "So just be aware, this ain't no fooling thing. We Clemson. We big-time football down here." 

Obviously Gary ended up setting his sights on Ann Arbor with the Wolverines, but it's still scary the lengths a few fans will go to in order to get certain kids to play football for their school.