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Analyst Names 19 College Football Teams With 'Realistic Chance' To Reach Playoff

College Football Playoff.

According to Football Scoop, there's still 19 teams in the hunt for the College Football Playoff this season.

There are 19 teams that still have a "realistic chance" to reach the College Football Playoff. 

The list includes the obvious teams like Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, Michigan and Clemson. It also features a few surprises including Syracuse, Kansas State and Kansas. 

Barnett's list even includes Oregon, which was blown out by Georgia in Week 1. 

There's only 13 teams, however, who are absolutely in the field right now. That number will shrink in the coming weeks. 

"Absolutely, No Doubt About It In The Field Alabama (6-0)Clemson (6-0)Georgia (6-0) Michigan (6-0) Ohio State (6-0) Oklahoma State (5-0) Ole Miss (6-0) Penn State (5-0) Syracuse (5-0) TCU (5-0) Tennessee (5-0) UCLA (6-0) USC (6-0) That group of 13 teams will be whittled down to a maximum of five, and likely much smaller than that, perhaps even to zero," Barnett said on Football Scoop

You can find the rest of Barnett's current potential College Football Playoff teams here

Which four teams do you think will reach the College Football Playoff at season's end?