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Analyst Names The 'Most Hated' Team In College Football History

Miami Hurricanes College Football

Miami Hurricanes College Football

Every few years, there's a college football team that just seems to get under people's skin, either by the way the team's players act on the sideline or play during the game. There's one team in particular, though, that appears to be the most polarizing in the sport's history: the 1986 Miami Hurricanes. 

Per 247Sports, the 1986 Hurricanes is the most hated team in college football history. Miami essentially birthed swag, and opponents hated them for it. 

The team was littered with NFL talent, but also dealt with plenty of off-field issues. Jimmy Johnson, the team's coach at the time, also let his players get away with a whole lot more than today's coaches would allow. 

The rest of the sport hated the Hurricanes for it. 

"The birth of swag, so they say," said Brad Crawford of 247Sports. "When the inmates run the asylum, you get instant chaos and that's exactly what the Hurricanes hoped to create on the field in the 1980s when 'The U' became college football's bad boys. Then-Sports Illustrated writer Rick Reilly said it best, 'Miami may be the only squad in America that has its team picture taken from the front and from the side.' On a team loaded with future NFL talent, Johnson basically didn’t believe in suspensions and handled all disciplinary action in-house. That included several slap-on-the-wrist penalties for alleged shoplifting and fraud infractions. Miami's swag wasn't enough in the national championship game against Penn State after the Hurricanes infamously stepped off the plane in military fatigues. Heisman-winning Miami quarterback Vinny Testaverde threw five interception and the Hurricanes fell, 14-10, for their only loss of the season. The widespread hate started the previous season when Johnson and the Hurricanes blasted Notre Dame by 51 points in a Catholics vs. Criminals showdown. Over five seasons with the Hurricanes, Johnson went 52-9 with a national title in 1987 and three Top 3 finishes, putting together one of the greatest runs of all-time."

No team will ever be as polarizing as the 1986 Miami Hurricanes. 

Who will be the most hated college football team of the 2022 season?