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Athlon Photographer Shares Story Behind Viral Tennessee Bird-Flipping Pic


It's the photo seen all over social media from Week 8 of college football. 

Tennessee DB Rashaan Gaulden entered the endzone after a Vols interception and only touchdown of the game and proceeded to flip off a crowd of Alabama fans. Athlon Sports Director of Photography, Harrison McClary captured the epic moment. 

"I suspected it was the bird he was throwing," McClary said. "I was thinking, 'Surely he's not doing what it looks like.'"

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The photo soon spread like wildfire ending up on Twitter and upon the eyes of Tennessee-faithful, Clay Travis.

"I shared it on my Facebook and Instagram accounts, getting many funny comments from people," McClary continued. "The funniest I thought was, 'Great pic! SEC football fans are nuts and you captured it in one pic!"

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