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Athlon Sports Cover 2 Podcast: Week3, Episode 3


In the Week 3 episode of the Athlon Sports Cover 2 Podcast, co-hosts Braden Gall recap the key developments of Week 2 and take a quick look ahead at Week 3.

In this week’s podcast:

• Georgia changes direction on its season after a major win over South Carolina. Now, we ask if there’s anything we should be worried about when it comes to the Gamecocks and Jadeveon Clowney.

• Fox and Gall debate if Florida is good or not. Gall says the Gators are still a top team despite a turnover-filled loss to to Miami. Fox says the turnovers make Florida a bad team despite its dominant defense.

• Michigan’s win over Notre Dame proved that Devin Gardner is indeed a star, and so is his “tiny” receiver. Should Notre Dame be more worried about its defense than Tommy Rees?

• In moving onto Week 3, the podcast takes a look at four intriguing Big Ten-Pac-12 matchups, plus picks for the showdown in College Station.

• In a not-so-cleverly named segment, our hosts each pick overlooked games for Week 3 they’re going to watch, plus rapid fire picks on backup QBs and surprise teams.
The podcast can be found on, iTunes and our podcast RSS feed.

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