Podcast: Athlon Sports Magazines, How the Sausage is Made (Listen Now!)

Mitch and Braden take a deep dive into the production of this year's preseason football magazines

In the latest Cover 2 podcast, Braden Gall and Mitch Light take an in-depth look at how the Athlon Sports football preview is produced.


Items discussed:


• Who writes the stories? How do we come up with ideas for the features?


• Why every word is fact checked. And why each story is read at least four times.


• How the predictions are made.


• Why we added 40 pages to our National Magazine in 2019.


Look for all college football preview magazines to hit newsstands by May 21 and our online store soon.


Send ideas, questions or comments to @BradenGall@AthlonMitch or email [email protected].


The podcast can be found on athlonsports.com/podcast, iTunesStitcher and our podcast RSS feed.

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