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Athlon's Essential 11 Links of the Day


This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for April 19.

• I think we can all agree that this one of the craziest, suckiest weeks in recent memory. I also think we could all use a slideshow of Michael Bay's sexiest leading ladies, like Scarlett Johansen (pictured), as a diversion.

One guy witnessed both of this week's tragedies and lived to tell about it. I just know that I'm not following this guy on his next excursion.

Some dude from Peoria is suing Derrick Rose for missing the season, claiming that as a Bulls fan, he suffered mental breakdowns and emotional distress due to Rose's absence. I can believe the mental breakdown part.

We now know who trashed their hotel room at the NFL Combine, leaving urine, feces and garbage in their wake. Guys, not to go all HR stickler on you, but this is not the way to impress future employers.

• Butt, meet couch: The top 10 video games still to come in 2013.

An interesting take on the college sports pay-for-play issue.

• Hot girls riding mechanical bulls? Hot girls riding mechanical bulls.

• Clown sale, bro: Bryce Harper is bummed that the Nats sold his Opening Day jersey without asking.

I link to this story about Derek Jeter only because I think the photoshop work is hilarious. 

Judging from this interview, the Ryan Lochte reality show will provide ample unintentional comedy gold.

• Will Notre Dame's new TV deal slow realignment? MrSEC sure doesn't think so

Jose Canseco did a Reddit Ask Me Anything. The results were predictably tremendous.

• Today's video: the best old-school throwdowns of this NBA season.

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April 18

• As we bid farewell to Katherine Webb, her 15 minutes quite possibly up, here's a gallery of her greatest Splash moments.

Giants teammates shared a special dugout moment last night. Dude, you got me - my mouth was open.

10 world records that should stand forever, simply because, who would want to try to break them?

This Auburn fan paid tribute to Toomer's Corner in the most SEC way possible.

• Ever wonder what your favorite athlete would look like toothless? Click here and find out. Warning: Some of these are funny, but others are pure nightmare fuel.

• Tired of post-football tragedy stories? How about this - Myron Rolle is leaving football for medical school.

Masters champ Adam Scott will not be on The Bachelor. Turns out he has a girlfriend named Marie. Sorry, ladies.

This old guy got nailed right in the mobile device by a foul ball at a softball game. But his face was spared.

Phil Jackson is apparently itching to make a comeback. Something tells me he won't have trouble finding work.

• A California high schooler went all Johnny Vander Meer on his opponents, tossing back-to-back no-no's.

• Walk it off, Coach. Butch Jones stalked four miles during a recent Tennessee spring practice.

• America comes together in the wake of tragedy. Fans of the Bruins and Sabres drowned out the national anthem singer with their own spirited, patriotic rendition.

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April 17

Katherine Webb has been forced to withdraw from that celebrity diving show due to injury. That news offers the excuse to run a photo of Ms. Webb. I'm just glad that Louie Anderson survived his experience on the show.

• The great Pat Summerall died yesterday. Here's an interesting account of how one kick launched him on a trajectory toward becoming a legend.

• Attention, degenerate gamblers: Yes, there are NFL Draft prop bets.

• Looking for proof that this NFL Draft lacks star power? ESPN The Mag put Honey Badger, he of the 10-plus failed drug tests, on the cover of its Draft issue.

The best fictional sports performances ever captured on celluloid.

What to watch for at Alabama's spring game this Saturday. My prediction: Boring, efficient and injury-free.

My colleagues at Athlon identify the 25 best sports-related ad campaigns of all time. I haven't looked yet, but "This is SportsCenter" had better be No. 1.

• Redemption for Shoelace: After one of the worst first pitches of all time, Denard Robinson did much better with his second chance.

• Remember the 7-year-old cancer patient who ran for the touchdown at the Nebraska spring game? He's got his own football card now.

Adam Scott is Masters champ. Adam Scott is also the dude from Parks and Rec. Confused?

• Random photo of the day: Here's a picture of Shaq holding Bubba Watson.

• The NBA: Where athletes and celebrities collide. Here, Billy Crystal approves of Jamal Crawford's ridiculous assist.

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April 16

• Seems a little disrespectful to have fun on the Internet this morning. But I think we could all use a little diversion. So here we go. Sunday Night Football needs a new songstress, since Faith Hill (pictured) announced her retirement from the gig via Twitter. For continuity's sake, Carrie Underwood makes a lot of sense as a replacement.

Image placeholder title

Ben Revere made a spectacular diving catch. Through the magic of the GIF, you can watch it over and over.

The Chicago Tribune paid an appropriate tribute to Boston this morning.

• MLB food porn: The best new ballpark food of 2013.

Things you think are true, but aren't.

• This is just so insane, it might work: The Bachelor franchise wants Masters champion Adam Scott. Only if he brings Stevie Williams as his wingman.

• Vin Scully is a priceless living artifact of another age. Here he is telling the story of his job interview with Branch Rickey.

• Are you an SEC hater who would love for an upstart to end the league's stranglehold on the national title? These three teams offer you hope.

Lumpy Rutherford died, and another piece of my childhood died with him.

Greg Norman was too nervous to watch The Masters. Back in the day, he was apparently too nervous to play it, too.

• Porn for baseball nerds: The Hall of Fame has a copy of the Cubs' scouting report on Ernie Banks.

• This fan may repel women with his goofy giant novelty glove, but he can snag a baseball.

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April 15

• Eligible bachelor Adam Scott won a golf tournament yesterday. He used to date tennis player Ana Ivanovic (pictured). Here's a slideshow to remind Adam of what he's missing, but I doubt he cares much right about now.

Image placeholder title

Ladies and gentlemen, your Masters champion. The only downside to Adam Scott's win: Steve Williams got to share it with him.

• Think the Aussies wanted this Green Jacket? Check out this photo of Adam Scott after his big 72nd hole birdie, and notice what countryman Marc Leishman's doing in the background.

A roundup of Twitter reactions to the action at Augusta. Aaron Rodgers summed it up: "Wow. I love golf."

• Golf Digest gives us a rundown of things that were overheard in The Masters galleries. My favorite: "I'm drinking beer and watching the best golfers in the world. Every day after this one automatically sucks."

• No matter who wins The Masters, Augusta National is the real star of the show. Here's photographic proof.

• Adam Scott moves up, Kobe goes down: Grantland's roundup of an eventful weekend in sports.

• "42" opened strong over the weekend. Here are 42 classic images of Jackie Robinson from the Sporting News archives.

• The '90s were a glorious time for the NBA. It was Michael Jordan's heyday after all. But he wasn't the only attraction. Here are the 30 greatest NBA players of the '90s.

Five SEC spring games, five observations from Saturday Down South.

• This is how we do soccer hooliganism over here.

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