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Athlon's Essential 11 Links of the Day


This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for April 26.

• The new Rock/Marky Mark vehicle "Pain and Gain" opens today. There's no pain involved in this slideshow of actress/model Mindy Robinson, who's in the movie too.

• Fat guys ruled the night at the NFL Draft. Here's the breakdown from Grantland. Meanwhile, Athlon professor Braden Gall offers his grades for each pick.

The NFL Draft party for Syracuse tackle Justin Pugh got real when he got the call from the Giants.

• Andy Reid dressed down for his first draft with the Chiefs, and nothing stands out in a room full of people like an obese man in a Hawaiian shirt.

• Are you happy now, Pro Football Weekly? Geno Smith sat undrafted in the Green Room for all to see. Note to future prospects: Don't show up unless you know you're going to be drafted.

• Mr. Irrelevant's name won't be called until tomorrow, but he'll join a proud fraternity. Here are the last 10 and what they're doing now.

• As promised, Rick Pitino got a tattoo to commemorate Louisville's national title. And it's kind of a doozy.

SEC titans Saban, Miles and Spurrier weigh in about future scheduling.

A three-legged alligator crossing a fairway added a little local flavor to the Zurich Classic.

• Humor is subjective, but this countdown of the 50 funniest actors of all time is pretty good. One quibble: They leave out Rodney Dangerfield. No respect.

• I run hot and cold on Frank Caliendo, but I gotta admit, he's got Mel Kiper down pretty good.

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April 25

• It's Christmas morning for Draft addicts. Here are some great moments in Draft WAG history, including the time we were introduced to Ryan Tannehill's wife (pictured).

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• To celebrate Draft Day, here's a vintage photo of Jets fans preparing to be royally pissed by their team's draft pick.

Mandatory offers up its NFL Draft matrix — best- and worst-case scenarios for prospects. And, if you're not worried about liver damage, here's an NFL Draft drinking game that's sure to result in dangerous levels of intoxication. Prepare to call in sick tomorrow.

• If any first-round prospects are reading this — and I know you are — here's a handy guide to bro-hugging Roger Goodell. We're here to help.

• One last word of warning to NFL GMs: Avoid over-drafting the workout warriors.

Apparently, Mel Kiper is some sort of ageless monster. Given the widow's peak, I'm thinking vampire.

• I don't know if this helps Mark Richt, or hurts him: Georgia has had the SEC's most NFL Draft picks over the last 10 years.

A lackluster Hawks-Pacers series is slightly redeemed by monster dunks. Slightly.

• Masters champ Adam Scott wisely shot down the Bachelor rumors. Here are 20 more athletes who would make terrible Bachelors.

Boston Magazine used its cover to fashion a cool tribute to the bombing victims.

• Gareth Maybin is a golfer you've never heard of. He's also possibly the greatest trick shot artist out there.

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April 24

Lindsey Vonn's parents apparently approve of Tiger Woods. Apparently, they don't follow golf, or the news. Of course, this provides us an excuse to link to Ms. Vonn's fine work for Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue.

• The Draft is like porn for NFL fans. But that doesn't mean there aren't cringe-inducing moments, like when Roger Goodell lurches toward giant men to hug them awkwardly. Here's a rundown of the most awkward NFL Draft moments.

Add the Jaguars' hilariously sad Draft war room to the awkward list.

The best part of this Harrison Barnes dunk is the reaction from his teammates on the bench.

• In other playoff action, JR Smith beat the first quarter buzzer with a 35-footer, and then he celebrated with a classic Pete Townsend windmill.

The college football playoff has a name: the College Football Playoff. Catchy. Wonder how many committees it took to come up with it. The first championship game, not surprisingly, will be held in Jerry Jones' palace in Arlington on Jan. 12, 2015.

• You'll never guess who leads the SEC in turnover margin over the last five years. Alabama, you say? Okay, maybe that wasn't that hard. The SEC's tale of the tape in turnovers from Saturday Down South.

• The power of images: ESPN succeeded in transforming JaMarcus Russell from a punchline to a guy you actually want to root for.

• Just when you think there's no hope for humanity, you read this: A guy is ending his college track career early to donate bone marrow to a person he's never met.

• Manny's gonna be Manny, no matter what language they're cheering in.

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April 23

• When sports figures procreate, the results can sometimes be pleasing to the eye. Here's a slideshow of sports star spawn, including Alex Schlereth, daughter of NFL player Mark (pictured).

• It's NBA playoff season, meaning it's time for Chris Paul to do the spectacular and make it look routine.

• With the NBA regular season behind us, SI presents The Floppies: the 10 most egregious flops, collapses and dives of the season.

• Impending NFL Draft pick D.J. Fluker tweeted that he took money from agents while at Alabama. Naturally, Fluker's current agent claimed hacking. The tweet's been scrubbed, but it lives on at Deadspin.

• People. They're the worst. Here are 21 supremely annoying fan behaviors at sporting events. Of course, on the flip side, some fans are cool. I said some. And then there are fans who are just desperate, like the overweight Jets fan in the jersey who'll show up at the Draft just to boo his team's pick.

• Old and busted: Never spend a high draft pick on a guard. The new hotness: Guards are sexy picks — four could go in the first round.

Will Farrell and Jack Black are making a movie about a 23-year-long game of tag. Based on a true story. Color me slightly intrigued.

• How do you motivate a team that's won three titles in four years? Nick Saban will find a way.

• Doing some job hunting this year? Here's a list of the best and worst jobs for 2013. No. 1 on the list is Actuary. I don't know what an actuary does, but sounds exciting.

• Gotta love Green Man, even if Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Niklas Hjalmarsson doesn't.

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April 22

• The new Tom Cruise vehicle "Oblivion" opened over the weekend. If Tom doesn't do it for you, maybe his co-star, former Bond girl Olga Kurylenko, will. That's her in the photo.

• If you've ever had a bad first day at a new job, watch this clip and feel better about yourself (strong content warning): A North Dakota weekend anchor opened his first day on the job by cursing into a live microphone. He tweeted his shame and remorse, but he was suspended.

Jermichael Finley's baby mama napalmed him on Twitter over unpaid child support. I'm glad I'm not Jermichael Finley today.

• More celebrities behaving badly: A-lister Reese Witherspoon was arrested over the weekend for objecting to her agent husband's drunk driving arrest. She actually played the "Do you know who I am" card with the cops. In her defense, her mug shot does display a degree of remorse. Not to be outdone, Al Michaels was also popped for alleged DUI over the weekend. And Raven Rolando McClain was arrested in his hometown of Decatur, Ala., for the third time in two years. Hey Rolando: I think the cops in Decatur are onto you.

Seven SEC spring games, seven observations from Saturday Down South. At Auburn, they rolled the oaks at Toomer's Corner one last time. At Tennessee, they dressed in their Saturday best.

This is very good news. The headline says it all.

• Another spring game, another kid with cancer gets the thrill of a lifetime. We can't get enough of this kind of stuff, especially after the events of the last week.

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