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Athlon's Essential 11 Links of the Day


This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for March 1.

Rory McIlroy withdrew from the Honda Classic today after chopping up the first eight holes (Nike hardest hit). At least Rory has girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki to console him. She's history's 29th-most stylish athlete, according to's top 100 countdown. Here's the complete list.

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• Breaking news: High school recruit 40 times are a sham. Either that, or guys get slower after spending four years in a world-class weight and conditioning program.

• One magazine rack in the DFW airport is censoring the one belonging to Kate Upton.

• You've probably seen adidas' hideous new college basketball uniforms by now. If not, put on your sunglasses and click here.

Coach K is complaining about court-storming following Virginia's upset of Duke and subsequent celebration. I'm inclined to agree. Putting drunk, euphoric college kids in close proximity with large, angry opposing athletes is a recipe for disaster.

An offseason rundown of SEC quarterbacks. With Johnny Football, AJ McCarron and Aaron Murray carrying the torch, the SEC takes a back seat to no one in the QB department. Speaking of the SEC, opens its recruiting notebook to examine LSU

• Call it hockey-tonk: An interesting read on how Nashville became a hockey town.

• David Feherty is not afraid to look like a jackass. The latest example: He crashed a bike into Paul Azinger's bushes with cameras rolling.

Ryan Swope: Breaking stereotypes, and making the NFL safe for white wideouts.

• I've never linked to a Harlem Shake video before. I guess I should before the thing totally dies. Here's the Miami Heat treating us to their version.

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Feb. 28

• February's ending, and it's been a good month for fans of comely ladies. Here's a rundown of the month in sports-related babes.

Louisville's Chane Benahan absolutely threw down last night. If he had to take out a guy's jaw with his knee to do it, so be it. Gotta break some eggs to make an omelet.

• Some guys are really worth rooting for. Kansas' Ben McLemore is one.

Stephen Curry had his MSG moment last night, like all the great ones do. He poured in 54 in a losing effort against the Knicks.

Monta Ellis tossed in a ridiculous game-winner, then nonchalantly ran off the court, like Barry Sanders tossing the ball to an official. Badass.

• SEC first-team running backs Eddie Lacy and Mike Gillislee are gone. But that doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of capable rock-toters left. The best returning running backs in the SEC.

Ten compelling storylines coming out of the NFL Combine. One of them is Manti Te'o, about whom one team rep said, "I'm just not sure he's good enough to offset the crap. It's a road I hope we don't go down. I'd rather find a better athlete." Ouch.

Alex Smith's trade to the Chiefs is mother-approved. That's a relief.

• Today's fun countdown: the seven biggest freakouts in sports history. I'm sure we all could think of more.

• Athlon Sports sells great sports collectibles. Athlon does not sell any of these items: the worst sports collectibles of all time.

• While major leaguers soft-toss and soak in the sun, real baseball is being played in small stadiums across the country. In one of them, NC State's Brett Williams made a major league-quality catch.

• The Wizards broadcaster mistook an airball for a game-winner. Comedy ensued, as he continued to celebrate while players walked dejectedly off the court.

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Feb. 27

• They've announced the cast for the next season of Dancing with the Stars, and as usual, the world of sports is well represented. Here's a slideshow of sports figures who have competed in past seasons, including the lovely Erin Andrews (right).

This jackass coach swept the leg of an opposing pee-wee hockey player, earning a suspension. I hear there's an opening for him at the Cobra Kai dojo.

• Speaking of the jerk from "Karate Kid," here are some of the worst coaches in sports movie history.

Shamarko Thomas ate it on his 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine. He gets an A for effort, though.

• Speaking of Combine 40s, it's become an annual ritual: Rich Eisen runs the 40-yard dash in Indianapolis, suit and all.

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• There was news yesterday that A-Rod's charity didn't funnel much of its money to its actual mission. Color me shocked. A-Smith is a different story, however. Alex Smith's charity is a model of efficiency.

LeBron threw down another pregame dunk that was as good as anything at the NBA Slam Dunk competition.

Stephen Curry went on an ankle-breaking spree last night, unleashing a couple of filthy cross-overs.

• Blake Griffin did what Blake Griffin does, only this time he did it left-handed.

• More strangeness from Rocky Top: A former Tennessee strength coach apparently broke into the Thompson-Boling Arena offices armed with a saw.

• English teens have a tenuous grip on what the American version of football is all about, although as one commenter says, they probably know more about football than I know about soccer.

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Feb. 26

• We're living in the Year of Jennifer Lawrence. Just when you think the reigning Best Actress couldn't get any more adorable, she has this precious post-Oscar encounter with the great Jack Nicholson.

• Les Miles and Nick Saban are duking it out over another recruit. Oh, and this one's in the eighth grade. Recruiting is officially out of control. Of course, once you check his highlight reel, you'll wonder why your favorite coach hasn't offered him too.

• Now that NASCAR season is in full swing, here's a rundown of the stupidest NASCAR-related products available for purchase. Not even your redneck brother-in-law with the Dale Jr. bedsheets will want this stuff.

This local anchor didn't do her homework before interviewing Olympic runner Mo Farah. As one of the commenters points out, she probably works for NBC and hasn't seen the tape-delayed results yet.

Dennis Rodman has gone to North Korea on a diplomatic mission. We can all sleep easier tonight.

• My Twitter feed is overflowing with Combine 40 times. Rather than dissect the DB times, I'd prefer to watch this hypnotic GIF of Landry Jones' unusual gait

• The PGA Tour commissioner is opposed to the proposed ban on anchored putters. His announcement only muddied the waters.

• Today's trip down MJ Memory Lane: Jordan scored 58 (a Bulls record that he would break several times) on this date in 1987 against the Nets. Here are the highlights.

• More classic, vintage hoops footage: Bill Russell, in his San Francisco Don days, goes coast to coast and leaps over a hapless defender for a layup. If Russ played today, he might be a wicked slasher.

Tackling a streaker can be risky business.

• Sometimes, kids do things that actually give you hope for the future. Today's video features one of those times.

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Feb. 25

• Tragedy and triumph marked the weekend at Daytona, but I'll leave the analysis to the professionals. Here's a rundown of NASCAR-affiliated hotties, including Jeff Gordon's better half, Ingrid Vandebosch (pictured).

• Rapper 50 Cent made an awkward, ill-fated attempt to kiss Erin Andrews as the two roamed the Daytona infield. Deadspin slowed it down and put it to music.

• Speaking of Daytona, the day after the disaster, the fans came back.

• Okay, it's official: James Franco must be kept away from open microphones. I think this was an honest mistake, but it sure sounded like an insult.

• So what will scheduling look like in college football's brave new world of realignment and playoffs? Here's your answer.

• The only thing better than fat-guy touchdowns is fat guys running the 40 to the Chariots of Fire theme.

A kid's first ski jump did not go well. He's fine, so it's okay to laugh.

Is Kevin Sumlin getting a little full of himself? I guess when you win 11 games and coach the Heisman winner, you're entitled.

• In case you work and had to go to bed at a decent hour, here's a complete list of last night's Oscar winners.

Ed Reed patrolled the Oscars red carpet like he does the Ravens secondary: like a boss.

Floyd Mayweather celebrated his birthday in the most Floyd Mayweather way possible.

• The buzzer-beating trend has trickled down to third graders. Here's a half-court game-winner. They'll have time to work on their court-storming.

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