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Athlon's Essential 11 Links of the Day


This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for Feb. 22.

• Danica's not the only woman making history this weekend. Rising superstar Ronda Rousey is headlining UFC 157 tomorrow. Here's a slideshow of Ms. Rousey's progression from little-known judo medalist to sex symbol.

• A pregnant Cowboys fan lost a bet to her boyfriend, a Redskins fan. The result: The kid will be named after Robert Griffin III.

• It's NFL Meat Market time. As usual, there's an SEC angle.

• Mark Cuban is one of the stars of ABC's Shark Tank. Somebody made a Lego video of the show. Cubes was impressed.

• Another reason to hate Pete Rose: According to an auction site, he apparently used corked bats in 1985, the year he broke Ty Cobb's record. The good news is, you can bid on one of the corked bats.

• February Madness: Tiger and Rory, the top two seeds, lost in the first round of the Accenture Match Play Championship. NBC hardest hit.

A Twins pitcher met his fiancee via social media. But to prove that he's the anti-Te'o: He actually met her.

• Kobe goes all Namath, guaranteeing a playoff berth for the Lakers.

• We interrupt the sports to bring you the weather: An Australian weatherman passed out on air. Of course, he was in a stunt plane at the time.

• LeBron limped off the court last night, much to the delight of Bulls fans. Stay classy, Chicago.

• Today in front office mis-management: The two highest-paid Mets outfielders are not even on the team. One of them, Bobby Bonilla, hasn't played for the Mets since 1999. The sad thing is, he's still probably their best left field option.

• You've probably already seen this, but too bad — it's still amazing. A cheerleader makes the ultimate half-court shot.

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Feb. 21

• Daytona's Budweiser Duels are today. To mark the occasion, enjoy this comprehensive rundown of pole-sitter Danica Patrick's life and career.

This rundown of the most underrated comedies of the last 20 years includes my pick for funniest sports movie of all time, Kingpin.

• Here's a fun sequence from Okie State-Kansas last night: Elijah Johnson breaks Marcus Smart's ankles, then has his shot rejected into the fifth row.

• James Harden's awesome evening included this half-court buzzer-beater.

• Also last night: The Lakers won for their fallen leader.

• On an evening of awesome highlights, this might have been the best: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist's ruthless posterization of Greg Monroe.

• SEC football's calling card is defense, but who has the best returning offense in 2013?

Calls for Mark Emmert's resignation are mounting. I happen to think that rug on his head is a fire-able offense, but that's just me.

• Oscar Pistorius may have caught a break: Turns out the lead investigator has problems of his own.

A table tennis player baffles his opponent by going behind the back.

Hey, David Price: You can afford to buy Evan Longoria a breast pump. Yes, that's a weird sentence.

• Well, this is just too dang adorable for words: An arthritic sea otter dunks basketballs for therapy.

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Feb. 20

• Break up the Blackhawks. Chicago is 13-0-3, tying the best start in NHL history. To help them celebrate, here's a gallery of NHL ice girls and cheerleaders.

• Inspirational story of the day: A partially blind pitcher is attempting to make the Rays roster.

• So they cleaned up in recruiting. But will Ole Miss actually be any good at football in 2013?

• In this era of 46-38 abominations, one college basketball team still knows how to score.

Indiana's Victor Oladipo scored his 1,000th career point on a go-ahead tip-in in Indiana's 72-68 win at Michigan State. He keeps putting the Victor in Victory.

Here's what the NFL team logos would look like if they all moved to Great Britain.

• Michael Jordan turned 50 over the weekend. Now it's Sir Charles' turn. Here's a photographic tribute to the Barkley on his 50th birthday.

• Hulk Hogan has opened a restaurant in Tampa. One reviewer is not impressed. If you own a restaurant, you don't want to read that your food is a "train wreck."

Donovan McNabb tweeted his congratulations to Danica Patrick for winning the Daytona 500. Trouble is, the race hasn't happened yet.

• Night before last, UConn women's coach Geno Auriemma grabbed Baylor coach Kim Mulkey's butt for some reason. Cameras were there to record the touching moment.

• Celebrity diving shows are yielding YouTube gems like this: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar doing a back flip off a diving board.

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Feb. 19

Maxim catches us up with some of the breakout stars of the London games, like javelin thrower Leryn Franco (pictured).

FAU's new football stadium is sponsored by a company that runs prisons. Are they changing their nickname to Mean Machine?

Marcus Lattimore says he's ready to shock the world with his progress.

• The late Jerry Buss might be the greatest owner in the history of the NBA. Here are his seven greatest achievements with the Lakers.

• Not sports-related, but amazing: The Ghostbusters headquarters made out of Legos.

• Did anyone think that Jerry Jones' bus would not be a palace on wheels?

The 26 dumbest sports injuries of all time. You'd think that athletes, who make their living with their bodies, would be more protective of their most valuable asset.

Oscar Pistorius is going with the "I thought she was an intruder" defense. Still doesn't explain the bloody cricket bat. Weird detail: He didn't have his legs on.

• Good news for the SEC West: Alabama and LSU have strengthened their recruiting staffs.

• The fact that the new Die Hard movie is garbage simply reminds us how great the original was. Here are 50 things you probably didn't know about that movie, including the fact that Richard Gere was considered for the role of John McClane.

• Ndamukong Suh is on an upcoming celebrity diving program. Previously, we learned that he practically had to save obese comedian Louis Anderson from drowning. Now, the ABC promo has misspelled his name. Let's hope he fired his agent.

• We have a new entry in the ongoing World's Worst Free Throw Attempt sweepstakes. Entries are now closed.

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Feb. 18

Danica Patrick won the pole for the Daytona 500. Maybe now she'll be known more for her racing than for photos like the one at right. Nah, who am I kidding?

Image placeholder title

• It was a rough weekend in college hoops. Cal coach Mike Montgomery got physical with his best player, who proceeded to take it out on the USC Trojans. Meanwhile, an Illinois State player kicked a Wichita State Shocker in the chest, sparking the Shockers to an 8-0 run to close out a 1-point win.

• Happy Presidents Day. Here's a quiz testing your knowledge of both sports and presidential administrations.

Deadspin's weekend roundup includes Craig Ehlo recounting what it was like to guard Michael Jordan, who's 50 years and 1 day old today.

If you stared into Craig Sager's sportcoat at the All-Star Game, you risked hypnosis. Or even insanity.

Did a text message send Oscar Pistorius over the edge?

Guy flings himself into a cactus, screams f-word repeatedly. That recipe equals YouTube gold (though we must accompany it with a content warning).

The Harlem Shake is already dying, and I can pride myself on the fact that I've managed to avoid it during its brief lifespan.

• Power couple: Tiger and the POTUS got together for a friendly round of golf over the weekend.

• Bad timing award: First-round NFL Draft prospect Alec Ogletree got popped for DUI with the Combine set to begin Wednesday.

• Moments like this are what NBA All-Star Weekend is all about. All that's missing is a Kia to jump over.

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