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Athlon's Essential 11 Links of the Day


This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for June 14.

• "Man of Steel" opens this weekend, which prompted Coed to count down the sexiest Lois Lanes of all time. Amy Adams ranks pretty high on that list.

Last night, the Big Three lived up to the hype. Finally. Pop let Tim Duncan that he wasn't mad, though. At least not at him.

This Spurs fan is no doubt eating cold pizza for breakfast this morning. And for the next 26 mornings.

Chris Bosh won't win any Oscars for flopping, but hey, it drew a foul. Well worth the fine.

All that chatter about Merion being too easy a venue for the U.S. Open? Yeah, never mind about that. The marquee threesome of Tiger, Rory and Adam Scott combined to go 8-over in the first round.

• Ooh, this could get interesting. Bill Simmons bites the hand that feeds him via Twitter.

I know sports editors are poorly paid, but this guy's choice of a second job is highly dubious.

• A Father's Day weekend morsel: How Mom's advice differs from Dad's.

• October's when the you-know-what gets real in the SEC. Here's an October schedule analysis from Saturday Down South.

Tim Tebow's signing with New England gave Jimmy Fallon the excuse to trot out Tebowie. That makes it all worth it.

• I've truly never seen anything like what happened to Carl Pettersson at the U.S. Open yesterday. At least not where sober professionals are playing.

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June 13

• My favorite part of hockey? Probably the ice girls, but then I'm kind of a pig. Enjoy this photo array of the ice girls of the 2013 Stanley Cup finals.

• Recently retired point guard Jason Kidd is the Nets' new head coach. For what it's worth, Magic Johnson approves.

They played hockey last night. And played. And played.

It's raining at Merion, but I don't think the heavy stuff will be here for a while.

Lolo Jones took to Vine to try to score a date with Michael Phelps. Her desperation is starting to show.

• Football news from down SEC way: Florida's o-line is better than you might realize. And this schedule analysis shows that they like their cupcakes down in Mississippi. Not surprising, considering the obesity rates.

• Tis the season for a summer grilling guide.

• Today's '90s flashback: Back in the days of flannel, the Seattle sound and Monica Lewinsky, these sports power couples ruled the headlines.

Somebody vandalized Clemson's iconic Howard's Rock. Dabo Swinney needs to find a way to pin it on Florida State.

• An exhausted Andrew Shaw apparently let an f-bomb slip on live TV in his postgame interview. After nearly 120 minutes of hockey, we'll cut him some slack.

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June 12

• Since it's Stanley Cup season, what better time to celebrate Canada's sexiest women, including hockey WAG Elisha Cuthbert? Speaking of Ms. Cuthbert, here are 25 tantalizing GIFs. Once again, the Internet proves its worth.

This Erik Spoelstra GIF says all that needs to be said about last night's Spurs rout. He and his assistants look like they're waiting for a bus.

• A little late to this, but the Internet freaked out over AJ McCarron possibly cheating on Katherine Webb.

• Remember Tiger mistress Rachel Uchitel? Her taste in men continues to underwhelm.

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• Many think that early-season SEC football is a cupcake parade, but that's not quite accurate. Here are the league's five toughest August/September schedules. There are some legit matchups in there.

The USGA's pace-of-play initiative borrows a line from "Caddyshack." This is a campaign I can get behind.

• Need a schadenfreude fix this morning? Here are 25 pictures of athletes who just lost championships.

• Not sports-related, but I'm throwing this one in for free: a Mitch Hedberg quote generator. Who's Mitch Hedberg, you ask? Only one of history's most underrated comedians.

How powerful is Jack Nicholson? He got Maria Menounos kicked out of a Laker game for wearing a Celtics jersey.

Olivia Munn threw out the first pitch at a Dodgers game and was far less embarrassing than many other celebrities have been.

• The Spurs were en fuego from downtown last night, hitting a Finals-record 16 3-pointers. Here's every single one of them.

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June 11

• Here at Athlon Sports, we're in the information business. We're educators first and foremost. With that in mind, here are 21 things you didn't know about Kate Upton, who turned 21 yesterday.

• It was an eventful day yesterday. By the time it was over, NFL reject Tim Tebow had a job, and NBA Coach of the Year Lionel Hollins didn't. Here are 10 predictions for the Tebow tenure in Foxboro. And here's the Boston Herald giving the news the New York Post treatment.

• Also yesterday: The butt-slap heard round the Internet landed Chad Johnson in the pokey.

This Formula One driver's helmet cam footage is all kinds of awesome. POV porn for speed junkies.

• Father's Day is coming up. Whether your old man's a boozer or a golfer (or, more likely, both), we're here to help.

The 13 funniest celebrity first Tweets. Kobe Bryant made the list.

• So is there such a thing as a home cooking? How the flags fly in each SEC stadium.

• Things got heated between the Red Sox and Rays last night in what turned out to be a pretty epic tilt.

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June 10

This is my kind of guessing game: Match the WAG with the athlete. Hint: The girl in the photo is a Victoria's Secret model.

Image placeholder title

They're already calling it LeBlock, the defining play of King James' career thus far. Downside: It came during an off night for James and a rout for the Heat. Still, it was pretty epic. Enjoy Jim Ross' call of the play at this link.

This then-and-now GIF of the Spurs swept the interwebs over the weekend. It's pretty spectacularly mesmerizing.

Your weekend recap, including the Finals, the French Open and extra innings baseball.

Speaking of Rafael Nadal, he took to Twitter to mourn the death of the still-alive Nelson Mandela.

Is this the future of the football facemask? Good lord, I hope not, although the article seems to think it's cool.

Good news, late-night drunks: Waffle House is no longer your only option.

• They play a little offense in the SEC West, meaning that these seven defenders are indispensable.

The legend of Yasiel Puig grows, even as the Dodgers crash.

Baseball's turning into horse racing. Bloodlines mean everything, apparently.

• There was some pretty spectacular Super Regional action in college baseball over the weekend, but this might have been the best single play.

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