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Athlon's Essential 11 Links of the Day


This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for June 21.

• So did Kate Upton zing her apparent ex-boyfriend Justin Verlander via Twitter? Sure seems like it. Of course, that just gives us the excuse to link to another Kate Upton photo.

• The Heat finished off one of the most compelling NBA Finals in years, a series that was so intense that both teams were exhausted by the end of it. Here's a comprehensive rundown of a historic evening.

Nike was quick to celebrate LeBron's title with this cool ad.

So this is how South Beach superstars celebrate an NBA title: By eating pizza on-stage with Drake.

Hey LeBron: Bill Russell is bored and unimpressed by your two rings.

Somebody tell Aaron Hernandez the cops want to chat. I'm sure he'd want to know.

A ballboy made one of the catches of the year, considering he started from a seated position. Of course, when you get a good look at him, he's actually a ball-man. Time to get a real job, bro.

Did Kim and Kanye really name their baby North? As in North West? Is this real life?

• In honor of Chad Johnson's recent indiscretion, here are the most awkward hugs and butt-slaps in sports.

• The SEC West will be the epicenter of college football this year. Here are the most important games in the most important division. And speaking of the SEC, here are the most dominant linebacker duos the league has to offer. Also, are SEC offenses going too fast for their own good? 

• Let the LeBron-MJ comparisons commence. As this video asserts, The King is on pace to surpass His Airness.

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June 20

• Wanna score a date with a professional cheerleader? Some of them were nice enough to share the path to their heart with Bleacher Report.

Image placeholder title

LeBron James. Tim Duncan. Game 7. Not much at stake, other than a title and a legacy.

The Stanley Cup is tied, Yasiel Puig is inhuman and more from last night.

• What's the sound of one hand high-fiving? Justin Morneau found out last night.

The SEC's mediocrity-fighting team of Stoops and Jones continues to impress on the recruiting trail.

• Over in the Ladies' NBA, they make their big announcements without any fanfare. The league's second all-time leading scorer announced her retirement by responding to a Tweet. Of course, I guess for there to be any fanfare, there have to be fans.

• Got $3.195 million lying around? You can have Chipper Jones' Roswell mansion. Take a virtual tour here.

• We lost James Gandolfini yesterday at the shockingly young age of 51. Here is his appearance on Inside the Actor's Studio. And here's a worthy tribute from someone who knew him.

The Aaron Hernandez story continues to unfold. I'm going to withhold judgment, but it doesn't look great.

SEC rookies are already making an impact.

• Routine popup? For Ronald Belisario, there are no routine popups.

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June 19

• Summer TV used to be a wasteland of reruns interrupted by the occasional sporting event. Not anymore. The hottest women of summer television, including The Newsroom's Olivia Munn.

The big winners last night? Fans of compelling basketball. The losers? Sellers of headbands.

The greatest moment from last night's game captured on film: Ray Allen's game-tying 3. My only question: Why is Ginobili flopping in the photo? Floppers gonna flop, I guess.

Stupid Heat fans who left early last night soon realized their mistake.

Are there chinks in Pop's armor after the Spurs' late-game mistakes last night?

Saturday Down South gives Athlon's rundown of opposing coaches' comments about SEC West teams. Thanks for the shout-out.

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Mets pitcher Matt Harvey lost a no-hitter yesterday in the Mets-iest way possible.

Serena Williams played a little blame-the-victim in the Steubenville rape case in her Rolling Stone interview. Predictably, she's apologized.

Hadn't heard much from Charlie Sheen lately. Glad to see he's still winning at the expense of others.

• It was classic Pop in the postgame press conference. His classiest answer: "Is that a European question?"

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June 18

• Not all supermodels are created equal. Here are the 10 who are dominating 2013 so far, including our old favorite Kate Upton.

• There's nothing better in sports than a Game 7. Let's hope the current respective finals get there, and if they do, that they live up to the greatest game 7s since 2000.

Alabama is adding a waterfall to its locker room. What's next, live mermaids?

• Don't you like those history what-if games? Here's one: Vin Scully could have been a Yankee.

Seven SEC East teams, seven questions for the fall (and their answers).

The most interesting team in the world: Texas A&M. I don't always watch college football, but when I do, I watch the Aggies.

• Note to shock jocks: If you're going to disgustingly mock a beloved guy with Lou Gehrig's disease, at least be funny doing it.

I find the headline at this link highly amusing. Gotta click to see it, though.

If you were waiting to buy the new Kanye album until you heard Dick Vitale's opinion, you're in luck.

Possibly gay NFL player Kerry Rhodes thinks he could be the father of Kim Kardashian's baby. In other news, Kim's baby has already been kicked out of a club and hired Jay-Z as her agent.

• Remember Bruce Hornsby? His kid's gonna play hoops in the SEC. That's just the way it is.

• I'm not a fan of the look-at-me home run bat flip. But there's something mesmerizing about two minutes' worth of such behavior. Judge for yourself.

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June 17

• Phil Mickelson, Hunter Mahan and the other losers of the weekend's U.S. Open can console themselves with some of sports' finest WAGs.

Phil Mickelson plays U.S. Open word association: "Heartbreak."

It was an eventful Father's Day weekend. Here's a roundup.

• What's it like to date Tiger Woods? The New York Times asked, and Lindsey Vonn answered.

• Tis the season for meat. Here's a handy grilling guide for the carnivore in your life.

• During a pause in the golf action, Bob Costas took a moment to eviscerate the New York Mets. Now back to Dan Hicks.

Miss Utah displayed her mastery of economics with a classic pageant answer. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

• From the "Where Are They Now" files: Former Bowling Green great Omar Jacobs is still winning and putting up video game numbers, just on a small stage.

Will Mississippi State actually take the field in these jerseys?

• Cleaning this headline up a bit for a family audience: 20 Coaches Who Just Don't Care.

Jay-Z continues to take over the world.

• Danny Green is putting on a 3-point shooting exhibition the likes of which we've never seen in the NBA playoffs. He's made more 3-pointers in these Finals than Larry Bird ever attempted in an entire postseason. Here's every one of them.

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