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Athlon's Essential 11 Links of the Day


This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for March 15.

Safe to say that Elin Nordegren has bounced back nicely. After her nine-figure settlement from Tiger Woods, she's now dating a billionaire (that's her on at the beach). But don't shed any tears for Tiger; he's dating skier Lindsey Vonn and is close to retaking golf's No. 1 spot.

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• The SEC's latest money grab: It's launching its own network. We can assume that the focus will be on football, because aside from Kentucky, hoops is a mere placeholder before spring drills. Along those lines, here are the SEC's NFL factories, ranked. Over the last five years, Bama is a surprising third. Apparently, Saban's not coaching up those top-ranked recruiting hauls.

SEC schools as Simpsons characters. I think it's a bit of a reach, but you be the judge.

• Yesterday, we showed you Jim Boeheim mining for gold in his outsized beak. Today, a guy picks his nose on camera, realizes he's on camera, and plays it off like a pimp.

Bill Walton, please report to the principal's office. For those who are interested, here are some photos of the Big Red-Head in his full-on hippie phase.

• On a serious note, this long-form piece of sportswriting about the triumph and tragedy of former Maryland Terp Earl Badu is worth a read.

• Forget Manti Te'o. The real Notre Dame scandal is those godawful highliter-green unis.

Possibly the worst strike call in baseball history. Juuust a bit outside.

• Today's video features some major March heartbreak. You're not going to get a much better look at a game-winner than this.

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March 14

• Ladies and gentlemen (well, gentlemen anyway) — your Sports Ilustrated Swimsuit Rookie of the Year, Kate Bock. Mazel tov.

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Carmelo Anthony pulled a Rory McIlroy and bailed on an ugly loss in Denver.

• Kobe Bryant accused Dahntay Jones of Jalen Rose-ing him. To find out what all that means, click here.

• Fifty years ago, Loyola and Mississippi State changed hoops culture for the better.

• Some people really want Jeff Bzdelik fired from Wake Forest, and they're putting their money where their mouth is.

• Free agent departures sometimes come with bitterness, but Joshua Cribbs is departing Cleveland with class.

• Sorry, Jim, there's no way to call this a scratch. Jim Boeheim was caught going mid-knuckle up the right nostril.

• These are always fun to relive: The 10 greatest coach meltdowns.

• Signs that Tennessee football is back: The Vols just landed a 5-star home-state stud.

Wes Welker's walking, and Brady's bummed.

• Records are made to be broken. Here are 10 MLB standards that could fall this year.

• LeBron sort of got dunked on last night. At least it's close enough for the James haters to enjoy.

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March 13

• Golfer Natalie Gulbis caught malaria on the LPGA Tour's Asian swing. We wish her well on her recovery. To make us feel better while she recuperates, here's a slideshow from her outstanding work for Sports Illustrated.

Ricky Rubio scoffs at your weak attempts to impede his progress toward the goal. Last night, he went behind the back twice on one play.

• Amazing, but true: Bill Belichick held a Q&A on Twitter. On his girlfriend's account.

Last night saw a Grant Hill to Christian Laettner redux in Michigan high school hoops.

• Scandalous if true: Does Johnny Manziel have a Texas Longhorn tattoo?

• It's official: Ray Lewis is now employed by the Worldwide Leader. Will his motivational rants work on Steve Young and Trent Dilfer?

• Now that's how you nail a job interview: Interim St. Louis coach Jim Crews is Sporting News Coach of the Year.

Recommended Articles

• Hey, Warren Sapp: That thing on your lapel? It's a microphone. Make sure it's off before you start dropping f-bombs on the air.

SEC coaches against the spread. One takeaway: Les Miles pulls games out of his nether regions, but he doesn't always cover.

College basketball's all-name team. My favorite: Radford's Ya Ya Anderson.

• Grantland has reached the Sweet 16 of its most hated college basketball players of the last 30 years.

• These videos never get old: A returning soldier surprises his family at a hockey game.

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March 12

• Erik Spoelstra is living the life. He gets to roll the ball out to LeBron and Dwyane during practice, and afterwards, he gets to go out with the young lady in the picture. Yep, he's apparently dating this 24-year-old former Miami Heat dancer.

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I'm sure Russell Westbrook had good intentions in hoisting this halfcourt shot with more than two minutes left in the quarter, like trying to draw a foul, but he ended up looking kinda stupid.

• Speaking of unnecessary moves, did Stephen Jackson really need to do a 360 after whipping this pass to Boris Diaw?

Hey mop guy — look alert.

• Note to all future celebrators: Save the Gatorade baths for football. In hoops, they can be hazardous.

This POV video makes falling and sliding down the side of a mountain look sort of fun. Terrifying and life-threatening, but fun.

• A handy guide to the nation's best football conference: The best players in the SEC, broken down by team.

• This is why you can usually find me on the couch: 25 sports, 25 faceplants.

Florida Man, the world's worst superhero, has his own comic. You know Florida Man from escapades like, "Florida Man Kills Roommate Over Missing Corn Dog."

One last look at DeAndre Jordan's murder-dunk, featuring a voice-over from legendary wrestling announcer Jim Ross.

• The NFC West just got a lot more interesting: Percy Harvin's going to Seattle. Adrian Peterson did not take the news well.

• This pee-wee hockey player shows enviable skating and puck-handling skills. But we don't know if he can pass.

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March 11

• Wanna feel worse about yourself? Bleacher Report counts down 25 female athletes who would absolutely destroy you, including softball player Cheyenne Cordes (pictured).

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Tom Crean kinda ruined a great moment for his program by acting like a jackass. Of course, this could play well in Bloomington, where there's a history of this sort of thing.

• Speaking of jerkweed Indiana basketball coaches, this ancient video of outtakes from Bobby Knight's '80s golf show is priceless, although it comes with a serious content warning. As you can imagine.

• No single moment captures the thrill of victory and agony of defeat like the buzzer-beater. Athlon has compiled the best buzzer-beaters of this college basketball season.

• Speaking of ecstasy turning to agony, this guy thought he'd won 50 grand. Too bad he was wrong.

• The SEC brags about its speed, but up front is where games down south are won and lost. The best of the league's big uglies.

• You're only as old as you feel. Today, 48-year-old Bernard Hopkins feels like a world champion.

• Sometimes you try to be nice, and it backfires. Just ask this Hooters girl, who tossed a live ball into the stands. But the best part might be this quote from Rays skipper Joe Maddon: "I thought she presented her hands to the ball very well."

• Today in embarrassing injuries: A member of the A's sliced his finger while trying to throw his gum away.

Joe Flacco celebrated his new contract with Chicken McNuggets. Hey Joe, don't spend it all in one place.

• You've probably seen this by now, but DeAndre Jordan murder-dunked on Brandon Knight yesterday. For an assortment of GIFs and memes resulting from this epic posterization, click here. For the dunk itself, click on the video below.

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