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Athlon's Essential 11 Links of the Day


This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for March 22.

Bleacher Report gives us the 60 hottest fanbases of March Madness. I feel sorry for the eight schools that got left out.

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• We've had our first moment of true madness: 14 seed Harvard over 3 seed New Mexico. Harvard's most famous hoops alum took to Twitter to celebrate.

• New Mexico's loss came after Marquette staved off a similar fate with a last-second layup against Davidson.

• In the SEC, there's always a football angle, even when the subject is basketball. Here are five SEC hoops stars who would excel on the gridiron. Speaking of basketball, here's a post that should be titled, "Man, the SEC sucks at hoops."

• The NCAA Tournament can result in some late start times. The Ram was apparently up past his bedtime.

This Onion post is almost too close to the truth to be funny. Almost.

Today, on Ow, My Balls: NCAA Edition.

• Weird injuries to baseball players is an always-amusing genre. Here are spring training's weirdest mishaps.

• Note to self: Never ask Phil Mickelson a dumb question. He may talk about it behind your back.

• Second note to self: Never date Jennifer Capriati and then break up with her.

• If anybody has an excuse to bemoan the physical nature of football, it's Earl Campbell, who's essentially disabled now. But he refuses to do so. Let's hope Roger Goodell is listening.

• New candidate for Dunk of the Year. Extra points for between the legs — and because the dude is 5-9.

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March 21

• Florida Gulf Coast plays Georgetown in the first round of the NCAA Tournament on Friday. Given the upset that FGC coach Andy Enfield pulled when he married model Amanda Marcum, I'm going with the Eagles. That's her in the photo; you can find his picture in this article. Talk about a mismatch.

NCAA Tournament figures and their lookalikes. My favorite is probably Marshall Henderson and Sid from "Toy Story."

• In case you're feeling nostalgic, here's what many feel is the Greatest Game Ever Played: Duke-Kentucky, regional final, 1992, in its entirety.

• The final shot of that game naturally made this list: the 10 most memorable moments in tournament history.

• Oops. Papa Johns used a coach who lost in the first round of the NIT in its NCAA Tournament promotion.

• One last cheat sheet: 64 teams, 64 factoids about this year's tournament participants.

• King James is ruler of all he surveys, and we are merely his loyal subjects. Last night, the Heat trailed the Cavs by 27 when LeBron went to work. When he was finished, James had a triple-double and the Heat had their 24th consecutive win.

• Classy move: The Lakers took their team photo and left one seat open for their late owner.

• Note to Lou Piniella: Never start a sentence with the phrase "I don't want to say the word 'raped'..."  If you don't want to say that word, just don't say it.

Arnold Palmer is having a dinner date with Kate Upton. It's good to be The King.

• Many of us will spend the first day of the tournament pining for football. Here are 10 reasons why college football crushes its hoops counterpart.

• Not only did the Heat win their 24th straight, but a guy stormed the floor in the middle of the game to get close to his hero.

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March 20

• To get you ready for the impending Madness, here's a slideshow of cheerleaders from each No. 1 seed.

Here's how the NCAA Tournament would go if it were based on alumni salaries. Reminds me of the old cheer: "That's alright, that's okay, you'll be working for us someday."

• Words I never thought I'd write: Kentucky lost to Robert Morris in the first round of the NIT, resulting in a pretty cool court-storming. Afterwards, former Wildcat running back Derrick Locke called out Big Blue Nation for their fair weather-ness.

• Putting the Fightin' in Fightin' Illini: Former Illinois hoops player and current analyst Kendall Gill tried to beat up a colleague who criticized his analysis. Kendall, in case you're wondering, I think you're doing just fine.

Recommended Articles

Tom Brady's family photos are better than your family photos.

• That stupid celebrity diving show started last night, but it did result in these fabulous GIFs of Katherine Webb during rehearsals. Or, if that's not your thing, here's a strangely mesmerizing GIF of Louis Anderson's dive. His feet don't stay together; of course, maybe they can't.

The most important players in the SEC West this season.

Bill Walton photobombing Bill Walton. Not sure why this is so funny, but it is.

A Hooters ballgirl committed two errors in one inning and got booed. She's still on track to start in the Mets outfield, though.

• Chris Webber took to the telestrator to break down a guy and girl sharing ice cream. Well done.

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March 19

• It's official: Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn are dating. They announced it on Facebook, posted pictures like this one, and then said, "Leave us alone." Good luck with that.

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• Some of this year's NCAA Tournament apples didn't fall far from their trees. Tourney players with athletic pedigrees.

• Les Miles doing the Harlem Shake? Les Miles doing the Harlem Shake.

• The Miami Heat are making history. They earned their 23rd consecutive win in a epic throw-down with the Celtics and now own the second-longest winning streak in NBA history. Jason Whitlock says what they're doing, and the way they're doing it, is revolutionary.

• LeBron James dunked Jason Terry into the Stone Age. Naturally, somebody slapped a Jim Ross call on it.

• A game-deciding call went against the Bulls. Coach Tom Thibodeau was not pleased.

• You could own a piece of cinematic history: The house from "Rocky II" is for sale.

A Hawks cheerleader took a nasty spill and knocked herself out cold.

The NCAA suspended two controversial recruiting deregulation proposals.

• Today's Headline of the Day.

• Billionaires behaving badly: Donald Trump and Mark Cuban have been trolling each other on Twitter.

• If this doesn't get you excited for March Madness, nothing will: The 26 best buzzer-beaters of the season, all in one video.

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March 18

• Lolo Jones came out and admitted that her foray into bobsled is all about her desperation for Olympic gold. Apparently she's not satisfied with being one of Maxim's Sexiest Athletes on Instagram (pictured).

• Kentucky and Tennessee fans can skip to the next item. It's time for March Madness, and to get you ready, Athlon breaks down the Tournament by the numbers.

• One of the bittersweet things about the NCAA Tournament is that you fall in love with players who promptly disappear from your life. Here are 10 seniors worth following in this tournament who you'll probably never hear from again.

• Along those same lines, a guy you've never heard of can come along and destroy your bracket (anyone remember Weber State's Harold "The Show" Arcineaux?). Here are five relative unknowns who could make some noise and bust some brackets.

• This guy, you've heard of. Nobody can enrage quite like Ole Miss' Marshall Henderson. Here are 20 NSFW Henderson death threats and f-bombs via Twitter. Needless to say, Henderson is one of the four most hated players of this year's tournament.

• To get you ready for wall-to-wall Dickie V on the Worldwide Leader, here's the world's biggest hoops fan failing to realize he's on live TV but then recovering nicely.

The 10 Most Shocking Live TV Moments. The World Series earthquake is on the list.

The bizarre Elvis Dumervil Fax-gate saga. In related news, agent Marty Magid is looking for a job.

• Getty Images captured a nice series of still shots featuring Blake Griffin dunking while the Knicks stood around watching. What else are they going to do? Try to block it and end up on a poster?

• Joey Logano and Denny Hamlin got into it at Bristol. Attention, Sprint Cup drivers: More of this, please.

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