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Athlon's Essential 11 Links of the Day


This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for March 29.

• They're about to start playing games that count in MLB. These lovely WAGs will be watching, including David Wright's fiancee, Molly Beers (pictured). 

A roundup from last night, which saw another No. 1 seed go down to defeat.

• Noted white man Doug Gottlieb planted his foot in his mouth last night, but Sir Charles has his back.

• Step aside, Tebowing and Kaepernicking. Now we've got Dufnering. And it's tremendous. Here are three of the Duf-man's buds showing us how it's done. Note the half-pack of Skoal in the lower lip.

• A by-product of the rise of the read option in the NFL: Guys like Vince Young and Pat White are getting a second look.

• Big Ten and Pac-12 fans might wonder how anything SEC football-related could be underrated, but here you go: The SEC's All-Underrated Team for this spring.

• Lane Kiffin, report to the principal's office: Pac-12 coaches on the hot seat.

• Yesterday's incoherent tweet was a joke, but now that Phil Jackson is on Twitter, let's hope for a continuing stream of zingers like these.

• Jerry Buss continues to burnish his reputation as a ladies' man even in death. There's news that he left a Bentley and a condo in Hawaii to a 20-something girlfriend.

• An announcer accidentally referred to a part of the male anatomy. Uncontrollable giggling ensued. If that's your idea of entertainment, enjoy today's video.

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March 28

• The Tournament's second weekend is upon us. To celebrate, Coed presents the Cheerleaders of the Sweet 16.

• Florida Gulf Coast is only the latest in a long history of NCAA Tournament Cinderellas. Here's a rundown from Mandatory.

• All good things must end, and the Bulls, minus three starters, ended the second-longest winning streak in NBA history. After the game, some dumb fan tried to grab a souvenir from an angry LeBron, who was in no mood to suffer fools, possibly because he's tired of the hack-a-Bron strategy that opponents are using.

• SEC East, beware: Georgia has an x-factor for the upcoming college football season.

The latest from USC (okay, Spurrier, we'll call them the other USC), including video of Matt Barkley's reaction to his Pro Day performance.

• After 2013, baseball snobs won't have Tim McCarver to kick around anymore.

• Today in signs and wonders: A Reds fan created a "miracle pancake" with the Cincinnati logo, then offered it on eBay.

Phil Jackson joined Twitter yesterday. His avatar is badass, but apparently it's tough to type with all those rings.

• Pot, meet kettle: Rick Reilly asked Aaron Craft about being annoying.

• Today's video: One last moment of anti-Heat schadenfreude, courtesy of some dude named Jimmy Butler.

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March 27

• The Big 12 didn't have a very good hoops season. Only one team from the league, perennial power Kansas, is still alive. But that doesn't mean the league's cheerleaders aren't among the elite. Here's a sample.

I pity the fool who doesn't love this clip of Mr. T scoring from center ice.

The last time the Heat lost, the Harlem Shake video had not been released. Those were glorious times.

• Dirk Nowitzki vowed in late January not to shave until the Mavs reached .500. He's working on an epic beard. Deadspin brings you its evolution.

• Once upon a time, Mark Cuban was sleeping on a floor with six other guys in a three-bedroom apartment. What he and other wildly successful people were up to at age 25.

• The U-Dub is an intriguing team to ponder for the 2013 college football season. Here's the news from Seattle from ace Pac-12 bloggers Ted Miller and Kevin Gemmell.

Recommended Articles

Randall Cunningham, who was years ahead of his time, turns 50 today, and he looks every bit of it. And I suddenly feel very, very old.

Dubya was on hand last night to watch Brittney Griner score 33 points, six of them on three dunks. Well, not dunks like you and I think of them, but dunks nonetheless.

The Phillie Phanatic tried to make out with the local Fox traffic reporter. When you see her, you'll understand why.

Phil Mickelson hits an amazing flop shot over a guy standing right in front of him. That guy is more trusting than I am.

• It may seem paranoid for coaches to close spring practices to the media, but they have their reasons.

• Blake Griffin hit what would have been the season's best buzzer beater. Unfortunately, he cheated and it didn't count.

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March 26

• Today's celebrity gossip: "Nashville" actress Hayden Panettiere is once again dating meathead boxer Wladimir Klitschko, if their PDA at Sunday's Heat-Bobcats game is any indication. That's them, being photobombed by Rory McIlroy. Now back to our regular programming.

• Along with the shining moments, March Madness brings with it some crushing disappointments. Here are 10 of the biggest so far.

LeBron James celebrated the Heat's 27th consecutive win with an amazingly dorky videobomb. It's good to be the King.

• Attention Pac-12 fans: If your team's out of the tournament (or even if it's not), there's plenty of football news going on. Kevin Gemmell has it covered.

• They'll rearrange your face, then tell you you're still ugly: The best MMA trash-talkers.

• It's spring break time for many students. Of course, there are some athletes for whom spring break is a constant state of mind.

• Each fall in the SEC brings an amazing influx of new football talent. Here are the 25 newcomers to watch.

• Arizona pitcher Daniel Hudson didn't like his new baseball card. And no wonder: The photo they used was from his season-ending injury.

A tennis player was stung by a wasp in an indelicate place. She did not enjoy the experience.

• The Red Sox are having trouble selling tickets. The solution: Cheap beer!

Nike has an interesting take on Tiger Woods' return to the top. Wonder if Elin agrees with the sentiment?

• Today's video amazingly combines elements of hockey, hoops and drinking into one amusing package.

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March 25

• Step aside, Katherine Webb: It's Amanda Marcum's time. The wife of Florida Gulf Coast coach Andy Enfield is ready for her close-up. That's her in the photo, in case you were wondering.

Image placeholder title

• Ms. Marcum aside, they're the story of the tournament, and the sports story of the year so far: Florida Gulf Coast is in the Sweet 16. Dunk City's coming, baby. Even the mascot's a playa.

• FGCU's a great hoops story, but you want a human interest angle? They've got that covered, too.

• Shane Larkin is Miami's best player, but Julian Gamble is college basketball's best photobomber, and it's not close. Another Hurricane superlative: Jim Larranaga busted out the best postgame coach dance of all time, and nominations are now closed.

• Here's some crack for hoops junkies: 16 amazing stats from the Tournament's first weekend. Also: An assortment of first-weekend superlatives.

• Baseball royalty: Mets PR director Jay Horwitz is the King of the Butt-Dialers.

• Here's an opinion that's sure to generate discussion: AJ McCarron will go down as Bama's greatest quarterback ever. Remember, this is the school that produced Joe Namath.

• Sergio Garcia made his reputation as a 19-year-old hitting a closed-eyes shot from the base of a tree at the PGA Championship. Yesterday, he topped himself: Sergio hit a shot out of a tree. I've had to hit it out of the trees plenty of times, but not like this.

• Instant classic: Tiger, Arnie and Trevino go Ninja for EA Sports.

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