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Athlon's Essential 11 Links of the Day


This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for May 10.

• Leading off today's Essential 11: They're triplets, former South Alabama cheerleaders, now bikini models. You're welcome. 

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Turns out the Heat fan who enthusiastically gave Joakim Noah the finger has an interesting back story.

• Maxim put out its Hot 100 list. It's kind of a strange ranking. No. 1 (Miley Cyrus) is highly debatable. No. 69 (Manti Te'o's fake girlfriend) doesn't even exist.

• They rule the SEC West. So how does Alabama's 2013 schedule compare to Texas A&M's? Bad news: They're both easy.

• Speaking of Alabama, Nick Saban doesn't have time for Bob Stoops' anti-SEC blathering. He's too busy dominating.

• Speaking of Texas A&M, they're planning to make Kyle Field pants-wettingly loud.

• I'm old, so a list of the greatest old athletes is a must-link.

• Earlier in the week, Steeler Ryan Clark said that Tom Brady "sees ghosts" under pressure. Apparently Clark woke up with a horse head in his bed, because now he says that Brady is "the greatest living American."

• Frivolous lawsuit of the day: Dr. Phil is suing Deadspin for spoiling part 2 of his interview with the Manti Te'o hoaxer. If spoilers are a sue-able offense, they'll have to shut down the internet.

That Thunder dancer accused by a blogger of being chunky could remain silent no longer.

• Is this Japanese kid the next Usain Bolt? That's kooky talk, but 10.01 is impressive for a 17-year-old.

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May 9

Angels pitcher CJ Wilson has reportedly snagged himself some weapons-grade WAG, supermodel Lisalla Montenegro. Nothing eases the sting of a crappy start like getting engaged to a supermodel. I assume.

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A Blues fan supports the team in a unique way. I would prefer face-painting.

This Miami Heat fan tells Joakim Noah that her team is No. 1.

• Don't know if they planned it, but this digital Tim Duncan photobomb is tremendous.

• Everything's coming up Pitino. Now he's reeled in a huge marlin.

• There's an art to flopping. These 20 floppers haven't mastered it.

• Who says Michael Bay is a lousy director? It was his idea to put Megan Fox on a trampoline. That's genius at work.

Vijay Singh vs. the PGA Tour: Who ya got?

• I make fun of women's basketball as much as the next jerk, but this is some pretty sick shooting.

The umps botched a home-run call in last night's Indians-A's game. All this needed was George Brett going nuts and threatening the ump with bodily harm.

Coming out of spring practice, the SEC's top two teams are in the West.

• Today's video features a Peyton Manning-directed pie in the face on live TV.

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May 8

• They make those annoying stoppages in play a little more enjoyable: Coed presents the dancers of the NBA Conference semifinals.

• Lots of people love "Bull Durham." I'm not one of them, but if you are, you might be interested to learn 10 things you probably didn't know about the movie, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

So Tiger Woods got hammered at the Met Gala after-party at New York's Boom Boom Room and embarrassed his new girlfriend Lindsey Vonn. She's probably embarrassed that her new arm candy can't hold his liquor. The photos of a leering, bleary-eyed Tiger are priceless. 

A stupid NFL rule will prohibit the Bears' top pick, Kyle Long, from participating in OTAs. Apparently the NFL's been taking notes from the NCAA.

• The league that gave us Herschel Walker, Bo Jackson and Marcus Lattimore has more to offer this season at the running back position.

• Sports has its own version of one-hit wonders: athletes who are defined by one play. Hey, one is better than none. Just ask the Macarena guys.

• A waterskiing baby? A waterskiing baby.

• One of Jalen Rose's keys to playoff success: Make sure your wife and your girlfriends don't cross paths.

A fan blew off some steam at a snooker match.

• This is always a fun genre: First-pitch fails, this one courtesy of some international pop star I've never heard of.

• Marcell Ozuna lost a fly ball in the lights. Fortunately for him, it landed several rows into the outfield bleachers.

• Kevin Durant should be outlawed. No one should be able to do things like this.

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May 7

• Looks like Carrie Underwood (pictured) is replacing Faith Hill as the voice of the Sunday Night Football intro. Makes sense.

Last night, basketball, hockey and baseball happened. Guess I shouldn't have watched Real Housewives with the wife.

• A couple weeks after asking everyone to honor their privacy, Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn hit the red carpet last night.

Five former SEC players are already impressing their new bosses in rookie camp.

One NFL scout calls Johnny Manziel a "marginal pro." He probably said the same thing about Russell Wilson.

A generous fan put on a show for the refs at the Red Wings game last night.

• Wow. Looks like TBS is horning in on future Final Four coverage.

20 game endings that made you say, WTF just happened?

One of Joel Hanrahan's offerings last night was juuust a bit outside.

Forbes released its list of Most Influential Athletes. No. 1 is currently unemployed. Good news, everybody — you don't need a job to be influential.

Today's lesson: Know your urine donor.

• It was 24 years ago today. The legend of Michael Jordan took a quantum leap with The Shot, when he proved that, unlike Craig Ehlo, the laws of gravity didn't apply to him.

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May 6

FHM's list of the sexiest women in the world included several athletes, WAGs and sports announcers. Fortunately, Kate Upton once dated Justin Verlander, so she continually pops up on lists like this one.

• Here's something nice and depressing for a Monday morning: 20 athletes who made boatloads of cash while doing nothing.

• This is some sort of weird cannibalistic imagery: A dog dressed as a hot dog, eating a hot dog.

Jaguars fans have gone straight to the top in their efforts to get Tim Tebow on their team. In related news, if only Mike Ditka still coached a team, Tebow would have a job today.

• It's a Brave New World out there: The SEC Network has ushered in a new era of college sports.

• Talk about big shoes to fill: The top 20 SEC draft picks, and who has to replace them.

• This stuff has been around awhile, but it's still funny: Legendary outdoorsman Bill Dance's blooper reel.

A 39-year-old grandma tried out for the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. She made it to the final cuts.

• Gregg Popovich compared Steph Curry to Michael Jordan. Curry wondered about Pop's sobriety level.

• It wasn't quite Hendrix at Woodstock, but Metallica performed the national anthem before a Giants game.

• Today's video is for all you fans who watch NASCAR just for the wrecks. Kurt Busch got airborne this weekend.

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