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Athlon’s Essential Eleven Links of the Day


This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for June 29:

• Probably the best story of draft day. Hard not to root for this guy.

• So, David Stern. Job's not so easy without Michael Jordan, is it?

• All lovers of college football — in other words, everyone reading this — should add this link to their bookmarks.

• Not sure what a pimp cup is. Guess we'll have to ask Fred Davis.

• Turning internet memes into charity — nice work, bro.

• Reliving bite night

• Speaking of Iron Mike, this might be the greatest tweet in history.

• This clip has a little bit of everything you love about the NBA Draft — Adam Silver, Knicks fans going nuts after a pick and a chubby kid doing the Mutombo. 

• Hey, Elton Brand — stick to your day job.

• Mike Holmgren dodged the truth for as long as he could.

• Apparently, Danny Sheridan gambled and lost that he could buy Twitter followers without detection. 

June 28

The NBA Draft, Nintendo version. This one really got us when Stephen A. Smith showed up. Even better than the real thing.

• You think we've got lingering racial issues in the U.S.? This cartoon actually ran in an Italian newspaper. 

• Ever wonder what Anthony Davis would look like with other people's eyebrows? You're in luck.

• Bob, we love ya, Just no.

• You may be tired of cautionary tales in sports, but here's another one, and it's pretty sad. 

• This is just what you want to read about your franchise on draft day. 

• Potato, po-tah-to

• Can't wait for the new Spider-Man movie? These guys are here for you. 

• Is Drew Brees considering a career change?

• Fat guys launching home runs is what softball is all about — up to a point.

• Aaron Rodgers' peers voted him the best player for 2012. Thiswas his reaction. 

June 22

• Joe Posnanski looks at LeBron James’ journey to a title with the Miami Heat.

• Nebraska Chancellor Harvey Perlman does not believe a playoff is best for college football.

• SmartCar USA has a funny Twitter response to a critic.

• Mark Ennis of Big East Coast Bias looks at the implications for the conference with college football’s new postseason format.

• Red Sox slugger David Ortiz is tired of hearing about a team in turmoil.

• How big of an impact will rookie runner David Wilson make with the New York Giants?

• Would Maryland really play on gray turf?

• SportsGrid gives us some funny video of drunken Irish soccer fans just trying to find the Porta-Potty at the Euro2012.

• It sounds like Mets closer Frank Francisco is not a Yankees fans.

• A recent Mississippi State football billboard violated an NCAA rule.

• You knew LeBron James winning a title would not play well in Cleveland. Local
weatherman Mark Johnson cannot get through the forecast without showing his frustration with the Heat beating the Thunder.

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---By Patrick Snow (@AthlonSnowman)

June 21

• The BCS commissioners have decided to recommend a seeded, four-team playoff to college football’s Presidential Oversight Committee. A playoff should be in place for the 2014 season, although there are many details still to be decided.

• CBS’ Tony Barnhart looks at the details of a college football playoff that still need to be worked out, including a selection committee for determining the four top teams.

• Rob Zombie’s next project will be writing, directing and producing a film about the mid-70s Philadelphia Flyers, known as the Broad Street Bullies. The idea has been described as “Rocky meets Boogie Nights on ice.”

• Just one win away from a title, LeBron James and the Heat are taking nothing for granted.

• Will Ohio State play its 2013 spring game in Cincinnati? ESPN Big East blogger Andrea Adelson looks at the Buckeyes “encroaching right into the heart of Bearcats territory.”

• Make sure to check if your “LinkedIn” password has been breached.

• Joe Strauss of the Post-Dispatch reflects on former Cardinals pitcher Darryl Kile, who passed away 10 years ago. His death still affects many in the baseball world and in St. Louis.

• It sounds like free agent receiver Plaxico Burress is not a fan of either Mark Sanchez or Tim Tebow of the Jets.

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• tells Yankees fans not to sweat Phil Hughes’ clunker against the Braves.

• The next time you’re doing handstands, be careful out there.

• Many of you are not LeBron James fans, but the Heat superstar is on the verge of finally winning a ring. For those who do not like this fact, we recommend that you remember him as Alexander — the Solid Gold dancer.

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June 20

• Get ready America; the polarizing LeBron James is one win away from a championship ring.

• Lisa Horne looks at 11 college football teams that are difficult to figure out, including Texas, Florida, Notre Dame and Georgia.

• With Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter debuting this week, takes a funny look at what some other Presidential movies would look like.

• Is Brett Favre (you know, that former Vikings QB) the best Packer of all-time?

• Speaking of Minnesota, receiver Percy Harvin sounds less than enthused about the team.

• Would NBA teams spread bad health information on Jared Sullinger as a pre-draft smokescreen?

• Ryan Leaf admits being “lazy and dishonest and selfish” in court.

• Bleacher Report’s Barrett Sallee believes that LSU’s Les Milles needs to forget Notre Dame quarterback Gunner Kiel, a former Tigers verbal commitment.

• Check out the new Nokia HD trailer for The Dark Knight Rises.

• Will the Padres move in the fences at Petco Park like the Mets did this season?

Bryce Harper, the 19-year-old phenom of the Washington Nationals, has been very likeable for baseball fans this season. But then last night, he changed his walk-up song to Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend.” Ouch. Hopefully, it was just a rookie prank or a lost bet.

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June 19

R.A. Dickey of the Mets continued his stellar season last night with a second-straight 1-hitter. He’s probably the best story in baseball right now and should be the NL starter in the All-Star Game.

• ESPN SEC blogger Edward Aschoff is not sure that the powerful league will get its preferred selection criteria for a college football playoff.

• We had to get a couple of sports links in before this one. There is a distinct possibility that Kate Upton’s new Fourth of July photo shoot with GQ could crush the internet for a while.

• I’ll admit that our profession is guilty of some overkill when it comes to the polarizing Tim Tebow. But a story that includes a 28-year-old New Jersey man, a pillow fort in his Mom’s closet, 911 calls where he wanted to speak to the new Jets backup QB, and throwing a summons complaint on the ground at police in front of Dunkin Donuts? Now you’ve got us.

• Chadd Scott of questions the NCAA’s stance on supplements and protein.

• The former Blockbuster, Carquest, MicronPC, Tangerine and Champs Sports Bowl is now the Russell Athletic Bowl.

• Mike Tyson…. On Broadway?

• NHL legend Wayne Gretzky won four Stanley Cups as a player, and it looks like his daughter is a fan of the famed trophy as well.

• Be careful Massachusetts residents. There’s nothing quite like an early bike ride where a stranger pelts you with sausage. Seriously.

• The Lakers were taken out by the Thunder in the NBA playoffs, but the scary Metta World Peace still has it out for James Harden.

• I’m still not exactly sure why parents film their children watching games instead of enjoying the experience with them, but it does make for some entertaining video. This little man, a big Oklahoma City fan, just loses it about a minute in and states “I hate Miami!!”

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June 18

• The great LaDainian Tomlinson, after 11 NFL seasons and 145 rushing touchdowns, will retire as a San Diego Charger today.

• The wait is over Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his fans, as the popular driver broke a 143-race winless streak at Michigan.

• Webb Simpson became the third straight American to win a major with his victory in the U.S. Open.

• So apparently actress/model Jenny McCarthy, girlfriend of Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher, likes to send nude pics. Accidently, her son’s dentist ended up with an exciting text.

• How sick are the Thunder after letting Game 3 against the Heat slip away?

• ESPN Big Ten blogger Adam Rittenberg breaks down Urban Meyer’s first big disciplinary action at Ohio State.

• Rick Morrissey of the Chicago Sun-Times looks at the similar stories of Texans Roger Clemens and Lance Armstrong.

• Jon Solomon of the Birmingham News details what it will take for the Missouri and Texas A&M programs to compete in the SEC.

• The Nationals have released reliever Brad Lidge.

• Gizmodo has some images of the new iPhone 2012.

• The bonehead of the weekend has to go totennis player David Nalbandian, who inexplicably did this while leading at the Queen's Club final in London.

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---By Patrick Snow (@AthlonSnowman)