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BCS Got It Right with Alabama over Oklahoma State


The BCS Championship Game always brings much debate and consternation when its two participants are selected. Even though the BCS has allowed the college football world to see title games that were not contractually possible before 1998, fans and media seem to feel a need to scream and protest throughout the process. This season is no different, with LSU finishing as the only team in the country with a perfect record. The Tigers’ opponent in the title game will be Alabama, who narrowly beat out Oklahoma State. The Tide lost to LSU in overtime earlier this season, while the Cowboys lost in double-overtime a few weeks ago to Iowa State. Most around college football consider Alabama a better team than Oklahoma State, but many of those people did not want to see the Tide get a rematch with LSU.

Did the BCS Championship Game get the right matchup?

Patrick Snow (@AthlonSnowman
The BCS absolutely got it right. It accomplished its one goal — match up the two best teams in the nation. Though many fans and media do not want to admit it, LSU and Alabama stand above the rest of college football this season. You won’t find many football people — outside of Oklahoma, or those fueled by anti-SEC sentiment — that think Oklahoma State is a better team than Alabama. The Tide defense is the best in the nation, while OSU’s unit ranks 107th in total defense. For critics of the Tide offense, it ranked 16th in the nation in scoring and was only held down by LSU’s top defense. Other than that game, Bama scored 31 points or less twice — against top-20 defenses in Penn State (27 pts) and Mississippi State (24). Oky State was held to 31 or less twice — to bad defenses in Texas A&M and Iowa State. The reality is that the Cowboys had their shot and choked against unranked Iowa State in a game that OSU led by 17 points in the second half. The BCS Championship Game is simply a matchup of the country’s two best teams and if they happen to be from the same league, so be it.

Mitch Light (@AthlonMitch
I do think the BCS got it right. I am not a huge proponent of the system, but I believe LSU and Alabama are the two best teams in the nation. Oklahoma State, obviously, has a very good team and has a solid argument that it, not Alabama, should be playing LSU in the Louisiana Superdome. But after watching both teams throughout the season, I simply believe Alabama is better. The Tide's defense is the best in the nation — by far, at least statistically — and the running game, led by Trent Richardson, is devastating. I do realize that Oklahoma State does have more quality wins, but Alabama also beat some very good teams and did not lose to a mediocre one like O-State did. As a fan of the sport, I would love to see what the Cowboys could do against LSU, but the system isn't set up to give us the matchup we want to see — it's set up to pit the two best teams in the nation.

Steven Lassan (@AthlonSteven
Yes it did. I understand the argument for Oklahoma State in the BCS title game, but I have to disagree and have no disagreement about having a rematch. If LSU is clearly the No. 1 team in the nation, an Alabama team that lost by a field goal in overtime can’t be far behind. As I’ve been saying for most of the year, if the Tigers are No. 1, then the Crimson Tide has to be 1b. Top-to-bottom, the SEC isn’t as strong as it has been in some years. However, Texas and Texas Tech were also down in the Big 12 this year, so the conference strength wasn’t one-sided either way. For anyone that wants to complain about the BCS, this is not where the anger should be directed. The biggest complaint should be about Virginia Tech landing in the Sugar Bowl over Kansas State and Boise State.

Braden Gall (@AthlonBraden
In a totally subjective situation, it is hard not to view Alabama and LSU as the best two teams in the nation. So in that sense, the BCS standings got it right — which is just as much a function of everyone else in the nation as it is the Crimson Tide. The door was open for an undefeated Oklahoma State, Boise State or Stanford to play for the national title and they all lost. Now, I personally do not think you should be allowed to play for the national title if you can't even win your own division, so I would have rather seen another team get a shot at LSU — considering Alabama already got its opportunity and failed. I believe Oklahoma State's resume is significantly better than Alabama's. The Pokes beat eight bowl teams and four BCS top 25 teams (including three of the top 14) while Alabama beat five bowl teams and only three with winning records, including only one top-20 BCS win. I will pick Alabama to win and if they top LSU in the rematch, I would vote for a split national title (unless, of course, they somehow miraculously got to play the rubber match on a neutral site in some cornfield in middle America). It is unfortunate that teams like USC, Stanford, Oklahoma State, Wisconsin and others don't get a chance to face what we think are the best two teams in the nation.