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Top 10 College Mascot Twitter Accounts


It's one thing for college mascots to get the crowd hype during a game. These days they have to be active on social media as well.

It's hard to gain a following on Twitter, but these 10 mascots have it down pact. They're funny, informative, and a major boost to any timeline. Once you give them a follow, you won't regret it. There aren't enough flame emojis to describe these mascots.




1. The Oregon Duck


This duck is basically all of us. It's up on the Crying Jordan meme, the latest social media jokes, and it's just an overall great addition to any timeline. Of all the mascots, The Oregon Duck is definitely the funniest on twitter, just tweeting what its thinking.

2. Brutus Buckeye


Judging by the number of followers Brutus has, it's easy to see that everybody loves him. What's not to love? Brutus gives you a mix of light-hearted fun and a little Ohio State bragging. Can't go wrong if you're even a casual fan of the Buckeyes.

3. Sparty


 Sparty will fill your timeline with his awesome selfies. We can't see enough of that face. He also puts out some great gifs, and really embodies a social mascot.

4. HokieBird


HokieBird is a mascot of the fans. On the timeline you'll notice HB out playing games with the student body, having fun, and just enjoying Virginia Tech as a whole.

5. Cocky


The South Carolina mascot may have similar hair to the singer The Weeknd, but he's a lot more than that. Cocky gives you the Gamecock tweets you can handle, and a little #womancrushwednesday thrown in from time to time as a shout out to his favorite lady. Don't hate the player... 

6. Goldy Gopher


Goldy is social all the way around. Engaging on twitter, snapchatting all over the place, and making appearances. This has to be one tired gopher.

7. Butler Blue III


It's a tweeting dog, what's not to love? BB3 lives a more exciting life than all of us. When a dog is that good, you just have to step back and appreciate. Plus, it has the cutest face in all the land.

8. Aubie the Tiger


One thing about SEC mascots is they are mostly about business. Luckily, Aubie finds a way to sneak a little fun in there from time to time. Although, for a more unorthodox kind of timeline, you'd do better following @DrunkAubie.

9. Bevo


Everything is bigger in Texas, including the mascot. Bevo is a larger-than-life personality when it comes to games and social media. He also makes sure to put a few tweets in there to show he's working as well (we all do it).

10. Mike the Tiger


LSU's Mike the Tiger is seriously everywhere you want to be. He's baking cookies on National Cookie Day, attending all LSU games, and even sends out twitter holiday cards. This Tiger is definitely able to brighten up your timeline.

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