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Big 12 College Football Teams as Rock and Roll Bands

West Virginia Mountaineers

West Virginia Mountaineers

Music, like sports, sparks debate, creates discussion and can even lead to heated disagreements.

But both are unquestionably a huge part of American culture. So Athlon Sports has decided to combine two of our favorite things — rock and roll with college football.

What if our favorite football programs were rock and roll bands? Every Power 5 team will be represented, so if you don’t see your favorite band or school here, keep your eyes peeled.

Power 5 Teams as Rock Bands: ACC | Big Ten | Big 12 | Pac-12 | SEC

Here are the 10 Big 12 schools as rock bands:

Texas: The Beatles

They are probably the biggest, most powerful, most lucrative rock group of all-time. Part of the reason the fabulous foursome from Liverpool fits in Austin is the rivalry with Oklahoma (more on that in a second). The more conservative, cleaner side of the rivalry is Texas. The star power is revered among fans and experts alike as some of the greatest performers in the history of the industry.

Oklahoma: The Rolling Stones

On the surface, The Stones are bitter rivals with The Beatles — despite plenty of overlap between Keith Richards and John Lennon. The Stones are the gruff, more abrasive side of the rivalry that has been successful for a much longer period of time. The highs maybe weren’t as high as The Beatles' but there were a lot more of them. Texas is pop and Oklahoma is the blues.

Oklahoma State: The Who

Pretty awesome and loaded with elite-level skill and talent, but sort of always second fiddle when it comes to The Beatles and The Stones. Well respected, extremely enjoyable and successful for a long period of time. However, it will always be unfortunately tethered and beholden to one all-powerful individual who makes or breaks the future success.

Baylor: Justin Timberlake

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The early work leaves a lot to be ashamed of — be it on television as a youngster or in a boy band. But over time, his extraordinary talent single-handedly began to dominate an entire industry with big highlights and cool style. Now, he’s one of the hottest things in the world and generally beloved by almost everyone (except maybe some of those former boy band members).

TCU: Taylor Swift

She dominated her genre to near unprecedented levels and decided to make a big switch to a new place. In short order, she has managed to shift her style by adding lots of production value/new facilities and still produces in a big way. A little crazy but does her own writing and that gives her respect among experts and fans.

Kansas State: Prince

Always really, really good no matter what era or league this team plays in as long as the esteemed leader is in place atop the pyramid. This leader is a little weird and a little out there but a wizard on the big stage. The team isn’t good when being coached by a Prince and Prince isn’t good when he’s not named Prince. And the color scheme matches are undeniable.

West Virginia: Jimi Hendrix

One of the best party scenes in the business — to a fault. This group is the most likely to light things on fire and are as fun to watch as anyone else in the business. The elite-level successes have been short lived and few and far between because of some self-destructive tendencies.

Texas Tech: ZZ Top

It’s the state of Texas. It looks a little weird. It’s better than you think over a longer period of time than you think. It’s played at a tempo that few others in the industry can match. But it won’t ever be considered the best the Lone Star State has to offer.

Kansas: Kansas

It had to be, right? Who else could this possibly have been? Soft rock that rarely moves the needle but every now and then has a nice hit. Carry On Wayward Reesing has a nice ring to it.

Iowa State: The Band

Always playing second fiddle inside the state to either Iowa or Bob Dylan. Supremely underrated as far as atmosphere and entertainment value, as Jack Trice Stadium is underappreciated nationally. The Cyclones may never be as good as Levon Helm and company but there is something about the down-home personality and bizarre antics of Iowa State and that of The Band that just fits.