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Boise State May Be Headed for Another Undefeated Season


Boise State won its third straight opener over a BCS team, and the Broncos did it in impressive fashion with their 35-21 dismantling of Georgia. Many college football fans and media have questioned Boise’s credentials over the last few seasons when it came to the BCS Championship Game. Could the Broncos handle the attrition of a big-time conference? Did Chris Petersen’s team deserve to be ranked ahead of a one-loss SEC, Big Ten or Big 12 squad? Now with the victory in the Georgia Dome, the Broncos look primed to start the BCS debate once again.

Do you think Boise State runs the table this season?

Nathan Rush
Running the table is nothing new for Boise State; the Smurf Turfers went undefeated in both 2009 and ’06. Each of those seasons was capped with a win in the BCS Fiesta Bowl — a 17–10 win over TCU two years ago and a 43–42 trick-play shocker against Oklahoma in coach Chris Petersen’s first bowl game. After manhandling SEC East preseason favorite Georgia, 35–21, at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, there’s little doubt the Broncos can win out. The real question is whether an undefeated Boise State can play its way into the BCS national title picture. It’s now or never. With senior All-Americans on both sides of the ball — led by Heisman Trophy-contending quarterback in Kellen Moore and disruptive defensive end Shea McClellin — the Broncos may be as good as any team in the country. But they won’t be playing for the BCS crystal, if and when they do go undefeated.

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Steven Lassan (@AthlonSteven)
Boise State cleared its biggest hurdle to an undefeated season with the victory over Georgia. Making it through an entire year without a loss isn't easy, but I don't see a loss on the schedule the rest of the way. TCU and Air Force are the biggest threats to Boise State from the Mountain West. The Horned Frogs should be better by the end of the season, but the game is in Boise, and barring any injuries, the Broncos should still be the better team. The Falcons are an interesting matchup for Boise State, especially since the defense won't have a bye week before the game to prepare for Air Force's option offense. However, I just can't see the Falcons going into Boise and pulling off the upset. It's probably a close game, but just not sure the Falcons can win. Outside of those two games, road contests at Toledo or San Diego State would be the most difficult challenges. Considering how much of a task it is to go undefeated, it wouldn't be a total shock if Boise State was tripped along the way. However, with its favorable schedule, it's hard to see a loss. If the Broncos finish undefeated, they could be in the running for a spot in the national title game. But that's a debate for another week.

Braden Gall (@AthlonBraden)
Absolutely. The line of scrimmage is what makes this team different than maybe any other mid-major in recent memory. The Broncos have NFL talent along the defensive line and it showed against Georgia. This team will be a heavy favorite in each of its remaining games - and TCU looked like anything but the top challenger last week against Baylor. This Boise State team is the first "mid-major" collection of talent that I would vote into the BCS National Championship Game over a one-loss AQ team like LSU, Florida State or Nebraska - assuming, of course, that the Boise State kicker can convert when it counts (too soon?).

Patrick Snow (@AthlonSnowman)
There is no doubt that Boise State will be favored in every game this season, and it does seem very likely the Broncos are headed for another unbeaten year. Chris Petersen is now 62-5 as a head coach, so betting on his team to lose is pretty difficult. However, I think the Broncos may drop one simply because of how difficult it is to run the table. Boise will play some interesting opponents in the Mountain West, and TCU’s defense will look much better on November 12 than it did against Baylor. Air Force’s unique running attack will present a challenge, and I think the trip to San Diego State could look very similar to last year’s Boise State-Nevada shootout that the Broncos lost. Make no mistake, Petersen’s bunch can play with any team in the country on any Saturday. If the Broncos do run the table, they definitely have a great case for playing in the big game.