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Breaking: College Football Playoff Is Officially Expanding - Here's When

College Football Playoff.

College football fans no longer need to worry about the Rose Bowl's future. 

While the prognosis seemed grim earlier in the week, with College Football Playoff being given an abnormally tight deadline to expand in time for 2024, the program has done just that. 

As Brett McMurphy of Action Network reported Thursday, College Football Playoff formalized its expansion plans and laid out details on game locations. 

"College Football Playoff officially announces it will expand to 12 teams in 2024," McMurphy reported. "The national championship games will be played Jan. 20, 2025, in Atlanta, and Jan. 19, 2026, in Miami."

The national championship games will be returning to familiar locations. The 2020 championship, in which the Alabama Crimson Tide topped the Ohio State Buckeyes, was held in Miami. And the 2017 matchup, which saw Alabama prevail over the Georgia Bulldogs, took place at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.

In a statement given to the Associated Press, College Football Playoff Executive Director Bill Hancock expressed gratitude for the deal's completion.

"We appreciate the leaders of the six bowl games and the two future national championship game host cities for their cooperation," Hancock said. "Everyone realized that this change is in the best interest of college football and pulled together to make it happen."

With these extensive negotiations in the past, college football fans can resume their enjoyment of the sport without worrying about the Rose Bowl's extinction, or any other sweeping changes to the postseason format. In sum, College Football Playoff's expansion will result in more football and more revenue generated in the sport.