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Bret Bielema Calls a Play Against Texas 'Borderline Erotic'

Bret Bielema

Bret Bielema

College football’s media days are usually filled with a bunch of coach speak or comments that aren’t bulletin board material for other teams in its conference.

However, that wasn’t the case for Arkansas coach Bret Bielema.

Arkansas finished its 2014 season with a blowout win over Texas in the Texas Bowl. But that’s not the highlight of Bielema’s comments about the game from SEC Media Days.  

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That's certainly an interesting way to describe the ending of a huge victory for Arkansas. 

But should we surprised? Here's a comment from Bielema last year on one of his defensive tackles:

And after putting its offensive line on the media guide, Bielema had this to say about this group: