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Cardale Jones Puts Ohio State Fan on Blast for Comment


It's obvious Cardale Jones is an outspoken athlete. One thing people fail to realize is that he's also a human, not just a quarterback.

The Ohio State QB sent out a tweet related to recent social issues. Many people are changing out #BlackLivesMatter with #AllLivesMatter. It's caused somewhat of an uproar and didn't sit well with Jones. On his own Twitter account, he simply put out his thoughts on it.

One Buckeyes fan opposed to the quarterback getting involved in things such as this. He wanted him to keep his opinions on the matter to himself and "worry about getting us fans another championship." Jones responded in the only way he knew how.


Although the fan tried to issue an apology, it was a little too late. Members of Buckeye Nation mentioned this guy isn't a part, nor should he reflect the majority of their community. Jones finished with one simple tweet about his freedom of speech.

One thing you can't argue with, Jones is never going to apologize for being himself, nor should he. 

The public shaming has led the Twitter user to delete his account. A search for DanGustafson1 doesn't result in a profile anymore.