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Cardale Jones Vows to Match Donations to Fund Young Ohio State Fan's Funeral


College players inevitably leave for the NFL, but their hearts remain with their college teams.

Former Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones, now with the Chargers, met a Buckeye fan who touched his heart a few weeks ago and wants to do something to help her family. In a tweet, Jones mentioned that 17-year-old Nautica Ussury was a huge Ohio State fan from Michigan and you just don't see that everyday. When Ussury passed away from sickle cell anemia, he put a plan in motion to help her family with funeral costs.

"Energetic and outgoing, Nautica was determined that her worst days were behind her," Jones wrote. "Sad to say, Nautica lost her battle to sickle cell Tuesday night. Her family has started a go fund me account to help put Nautica to rest. I will personally MATCH whatever my family and friends donate to Nautica's "GoFundMe" account. To my social media friends/followers, feel free to donate as well."

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