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CFP Chair Explains Why TCU Is Behind Alabama

College Football Playoff.

As has become an annual tradition, the first College Football Playoff rankings of the 2022 season have generated some controversy.

The most common complaint this year seems to be that 8-0 TCU is ranked one spot behind one-loss Alabama. The Horned Frogs are No. 7 while the Crimson Tide are No. 6.

Following the release of the rankings, College Football Playoff committee chair Boo Corrigan provided an explanation for putting TCU behind Alabama. 

According to Ross Dellenger of Sports Illustrated, Corrigan chalked it up to TCU not showing a lot of balance and having to come from behind to win some games.

"CFP Chair Boo Corrigan asked why one-loss Alabama is ahead of unbeaten TCU: 'We are looking for a balanced team - offense and defense. They've (TCU) gotten behind in some games. They've been able to come back.'" -- Ross Dellenger

The balance argument holds some water. While TCU is ranked No. 3 nationally in scoring offense, it's 73rd in scoring defense, allowing 27.3 points per game. No other team among the top seven ranks lower than 26th in either scoring offense or scoring defense.

It's also true that TCU had to overcome two-touchdown deficits to beat both Oklahoma State and Kansas State this season.

However, it could easily be argued that, while TCU may not have rolled past each opponent in the most convincing fashion, Alabama's near-losses to No. 24 Texas and unranked Texas A&M should represent a bigger blemish on its resume.

Ultimately, these rankings have a way of working themselves out. No matter how its offense and defense rank, if TCU manages to finish its season unbeaten and win the Big 12 championship game, the Horned Frogs should be virtually assured a spot in the four-team playoff field.