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Coaches Talk Anonymously About BYU for 2019

Kalani Sitake, BYU Cougars Football

Kalani Sitake, BYU Cougars Football

It's not easy getting college football coaches to honestly comment on another coach, player or team. Most coaches don't want to give opposing teams bulletin board material, which is why there is a lot of coach speak or overused cliches used throughout the offseason or regular season.

In order to get an accurate assessment of teams heading into 2019, Athlon asked coaches around the nation to talk anonymously about their opponents.

Note: These scouting reports come directly from coaching staffs and do not necessarily reflect the views of Athlon's editorial staff.

Coaches Anonymously Scout BYU for 2019

"This has always been a program that struggles with how it perceives itself more than anything to do with actual football. They left the Mountain West trying to get to the Big 12 and it didn't happen. They pressure Bronco Mendenhall out thinking he was the reason they weren't winning 10 and 11 a year. He wasn't. They're a good football program with a lot of unique drawbacks. They aren't Notre Dame. That's probably not possible."

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"They're going to be really strong up front on offense. They really benefit from the Mormon mission exemption to get big, mature lineman, but they've got experience there this year."

"They did a lot on offense — you got the idea they were experimenting. You saw them against Wisconsin, they can pound on you. Jeff Grimes has done a good job with play calling for the most part. That grinding run game is not the BYU football we all knew but it works pretty well."

"They're losing a lot at linebacker, but they're always really well coached and they have more size and speed than you expect in the front of that defense."

"You can't really judge their recruiting until you see the new guys on film because they're literally out of sight for years. Occasionally that can catch you off guard when you're scouting them. It's a great advantage."

"Zach Wilson is their guy now, and he has a higher ceiling than Tanner Mangum. You saw them get more comfortable calling stuff for him as the year went on. Their offense is the reason they turned it around from Sitake’s first year."

"I think he’s (Sitake) a great coach and he understands how to run that particular program, and I hope his bosses are realistic about what BYU can be right now. He’s improving them year over year. As far as how high they can go, I think you don’t focus on that right now."