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Colin Cowherd Completely Rips Middle Tennessee State, School AD Fires Back


Colin Cowherd seems to dislike a lot of things. Judging by this video, one of them is Middle Tennessee State. 

"The Herd" host went in on Middle Tennessee State's football program saying people don't care if they play football or not, and if schools like MTSU are the reason college football players aren't being paid then they need to get rid of their program. So much for sticking up for the little guy.

"Screw Middle Tennessee State, screw 'em," Cowherd said. "We don't need them. If you can't afford it, get lost."

After hearing so many of Cowherd's rants, people have to be asking themselves if there's any school that he does like.

The Blue Raiders AD took to twitter to respond to Cowherd so eloquently.