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College Football Analyst Paul Finebaum Names His 2 Favorites To Win National Championship

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The 2022 college football season is fast approaching. Analyst Paul Finebaum has a good idea on which two teams will be playing in the national championship, and Georgia's not one of the two. 

In fact, Finebaum doesn't believe the Bulldogs even have a shot to play in the title. They simply lose too much talent. 

Instead, Finebaum thinks it'll be Alabama and Ohio State playing in the national championship at season's end. 

“In August, we talk to people from around the country and everyone’s got a story to tell,” Finebaum said, via Saturday Down South. “Hey, if Utah goes to Florida and wins that game, then they have a clear path. But, ultimately, these schools have to get past the SEC or Ohio State in the Playoff. And, I think that’s really the problem.”

“I think you could make just as strong a case for Ohio State to win the national championship here, against Alabama.”

Although Paul Finebaum thinks Georgia misses out on the national championship, he could see the Bulldogs ending up in the playoff. 

“Beyond Alabama and Ohio State, who is the next tier?” Paul Finebaum wondered. “By the way, in the era of trying to get 12 into a Playoff, we’re looking for three and four right now. And, I think you do put Georgia in that conversation because you know that Georgia has a reasonable path as well. But, ultimately, I have a harder time putting Georgia in there as a legitimate champion.”

It appears the longtime college football analyst also has some optimism for the Utes of Utah. 

Utah opens the season vs. Florida, but it's a relatively easy schedule thereafter. The biggest threats on the Utes' schedule include USC (at home) and Oregon (on the road).

Do you agree with Finebaum's national championship favorites?

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