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College Football Fans Are Crushing ESPN For Big Decision This Weekend

Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit on ESPN's College GameDay

Saturdays are for college football, not baseball. ESPN clearly feels otherwise. 

ESPN has once again decided to go split screen on the network's various channels when Aaron Judge comes to the plate this weekend. 

That means several college football games will be interrupted when he's attempting to reach 62 home runs on the season. 

"All three Yankee games this weekend will also be on MLBN outside of the YES footprint. ESPN will also have cut ins. Good job by MLB, basically making Aaron Judge's potential 62nd homer available as many places as it can," said Andrew Marchand. 

Fans are furious with ESPN's decision. 

"Can y’all imagine if we had Aaron Judge cut ins during the Kansas State game? Imagine it looks like we’re gonna sack Adrian Martinez on 3rd and 16 Cuts away And next thing you see is Martinez running down the sideline," one fan wrote.

"Thank god we can all see Judge inch closer to the sixth-most home runs in a season instead of our favorite college football teams," a fan said with an obviously sarcastic tone.

"Just make a separate stream on that has both games at once. I get it’s a record but if people want to see it they will find it. We don’t live in the 80s we can find the video online 5 seconds after it happens," one fan suggested.

Fans who want to see Aaron Judge hit his 62 home run of the season will find where they can watch it. ESPN doesn't need to interrupt college football games because of it. 

What's your opinion on ESPN's big decision?