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College Football Playoff Board Of Managers Reportedly Makes Official Decision On Playoff Expansion

Alabama Crimson Tide Football, 2021 Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic/College Football Playoff Semifinal

The four-team College Football Playoff has been in existence since 2015. However, fans have grown bored of watching many of the same teams receive an invite. The field is about to become far more diverse. 

The College Football Playoff Board of Managers has made an official decision on playoff expansion. The sport's exclusive postseason is reportedly growing from four to 12 teams. 

"Sources: The CFP Board of Managers has decided on a 12-team College Football Playoff during today's meeting," said Pete Thamel. 

Money was reportedly a driving force here. More playoff games includes more fan bases and more regions of the country, resulting in better revenue across the board. 

It appears the 12-team College Football Playoff will go into effect in 2026, although it's possible television contracts drive it sooner. 

"The 12-team model is expected to start in 2026, after the current contract, according to a source. There's still a chance that it could go earlier, but those details are complicated and would take some time to work out," Thamel adds.

A positive and significant step for the sport of college football. A four-team playoff grew boring quickly. Let's hope 12 does the trick and re-creates what was once a far more inclusive sport.