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College Football Playoff Poll Watch: The Selection Committee Loves Clemson


The circus that is the weekly College Football Playoff rankings release took place on ESPN Tuesday night, but not before the "worldwide leader" subjected would-be rankings viewers to 20 real-time minutes of an early-season college basketball game. 

Auburn Tigers head coach Gus Malzahn

The shenanigans continued once the rankings were released, four or five teams at a time. Here's what stuck out to me.

The Selection Committee loves Clemson

College Football Top 25 Rankings: Clemson

Of the top five teams in the most recent rankings, only two have losses. Clemson has a loss to Syracuse. Oklahoma has a loss to Iowa State. Miami and Wisconsin have no losses. Somehow, some way, the selection committee has decided that losing to Syracuse is not as bad as losing to Iowa State or being undefeated against what is perceived to be a weaker schedule. I can't wrap my mind around it, and the only answer I can come up with is that the Tigers are getting some love for the season they had last year. If that's the case, shame on the committee.

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You can lose early

College Football Top 25 Rankings: Auburn

Just ask Auburn! The Tigers got beat by Clemson in Week 3 and by LSU a month ago. No matter. Because they've looked good during the latter part of October and the beginning of November, the selection committee has all but forgotten those losses and slotted Auburn right behind unbeaten Wisconsin. Right below the Tigers is Georgia, whom Auburn just beat. Then you have Notre Dame, Ohio State and Penn State — all suffering their second losses recently. Lose early if you want to play for a title.

UCF continues to be disrespected

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All the Knights do is win, yet you have eight teams with at least two losses in front of them in the rankings. Perhaps the biggest insult to UCF was the fact that a two-loss Washington State team leap-frogged it based on the apparent strength of a ho-hum win over Utah. I don't get it and you can't convince me that it's the right thing to do. It's looking more and more that for the second straight year, a Group of 5 team will run the table and get nothing but a consolation bowl trip for it.

Why is Michigan so low?

College Football Top 25 Rankings: Michigan

The Wolverines have only two losses, and both losses came to teams currently ranked in the Top 25. Their resume looks eerily similar to Auburn's, yet the Tigers are No. 6 and Michigan is at No. 24 looking up at six different teams with three losses.

— Written by J.P. Scott, who is part of the Athlon Contributor Network. His work has appeared on,, Yahoo!, SBNation and Bleacher Report. Follow him on Twitter @TheJPScott.