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College Football Podcast: Big 12 Expansion, Player Safety, A Coach's Endorsement

Ohio State Buckeyes

Ohio State Buckeyes

Braden Gall and David Fox break down the latest from around college football during a pretty slow news week.

- It's everybody's favorite topic: Expansion! Is David Boren acting out of turn or does he stand for the entire OU family? Why hasn't the Big 12 expanded? And should the league host a championship game?

- Should there be scheduling and structural uniformity in college football?

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- The Pac-12 has a new rule about troubled transfers and the Ivy League has a new rule about tackling. How important are these new regulations for student athlete's and what could the long term ramifications be on college football?

- Should college football coaches endorse political candidates? Do we want our sports figures to voice opinions about social issues? What is the advice to fans out there concerned about Urban Meyer's endorsement?

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