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College Football Podcast: Manning, Harbaugh and Spring Practice

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Braden Gall, Mitch Light and David Fox talk Peyton Manning, Tennessee, Jim Harbaugh, the SEC, recruiting tactics, scouting reports, Group of 5 coaching jobs and spring QB battles.

- How has the media screwed up in covering Peyton Manning and the Tennessee lawsuit?

- Is how schools handle sexual assault cases THE most important issue for the NCAA in 2016?

- Spring practice during spring break: Love it of hate it? And are time demands a serious issue in college football? Is the SEC simply covering its turf?

- What are the five best Group of 5 coaching jobs in college football? The answers will surprise.

- With recruiting behind us and the combine ahead, the guys break down some of the worst scouting reports in football. What's a "flesh bomb?"

- Which quarterback battles are you most looking forward to this spring? Notre Dame? Michigan? Florida or Florida State? The SEC West?

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