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College Football Podcast: QB Extravaganza


Quarterbacks, Quartebacks, Quarterbacks!

It's the most important position on the field, so Braden Gall, Mitch Light and David Fox break down the QB position heading into the 2016 season.

- Which teams don't need great QBs to compete for championships and why we give the benefit of the doubt to programs like Alabama, Michigan and Florida State? What do we make of the Notre Dame situation and does Stanford fall into this category?

- Is there a changing trend in college football where younger players will get a chance to play earlier? This could be the case at Georgia, USC, Texas and Alabama this fall.

- Where do defense-first teams like Florida, TCU, Michigan State, Utah and Virginia Tech fit into this equation? Are Washington and Iowa in this group or do they have upside at the QB position?

- Which teams in college football will DEPEND on great QB play? Like say, Oregon, North Carolina, Oklahoma State, MIami, Baylor, Ole Miss, UCLA, Texas Tech and Washington State.

- There are some coaches known for developing QBs but have big question marks at the position. Auburn, Penn State, Mississippi State, Indiana and Wisconsin all have offense head coaches with unknowns under center.

- Which head coach's job is on the line if they don't get quality QB? Think West Virginia, Kentucky, Colorado and Boston College. How do Cal, Illinois and Iowa State figure into this conversation?

- Who will be the breakout stars at QB this fall? Who are our favorite Group of 5 signal callers?

- We finish with a round of Rapid Fire quarterback questions like Who is the best named QB in football, who is the most underrated and which coach would you want to play for if you are a five-star gunslinger?

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