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College Football Podcast: The Week 3 Recap


College Football's third week is in the books after seven ranked teams lost.

- How good is Louisville and where do they deserve to be ranked? Alabama and Ohio State both won huge road games over ranked foes as well. Are these the three best teams in the nation? Who belongs at No. 4?

- The Big Ten (almost) had a season-defining weekend with wins from Michigan State, Ohio State and Nebraska. But Iowa screwed things up again.

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- The Pac-12 is led by Stanford and Washington but who else is playing meaningful, quality football in the league right now? UCLA? USC? Utah? Cal got a big win but does it mean anything?

- The rest of the ACC had an interesting weekend with big games with the Big 12, Big Ten and AAC. In fact, what do we make of the AAC's showing in Week 3?

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