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College Football's Best Alternate Uniforms/Helmets in 2015


Order in the court! If you’ve followed me on Twitter for any length of time, you know I have an affinity for uniforms. As a result, I’ve taken my birthright, the Uniform Seal of Approval Stamp® and will pass down judgment with the snap of two fingers whether something is slick or vile. Today, we look at some of the best college football uniforms worn in 2015 (regular season, this doesn't include the bowl games). If your team isn’t represented, consider it a fashion fail.

— Compiled by Brandon Cavanaugh, who is part of the Athlon Contributor Network. Be sure to follow Brandon on Twitter @eightlaces and like his Facebook page.

20. Vanderbilt

If you’re going to stink up the place, you may as well do it in style. The Commodores’ awesome anchor helmet stripe endured a 4-8 season. Hopefully better things are in their future.

19. Bowling Green

Any time you can incorporate brown into a design and make the whole outfit look palatable, you’ve done a good job. The Cleveland Browns would do well to learn from the Falcons.

18. Oregon "Civil War" Uniforms

I prefer when Oregon breaks out the 1994 alternates, but these aren’t too bad. They go with a throwback color scheme and while it’s not perfect, the helmet stripe helps make this one of the Ducks’ better uniforms of the year.

17. Michigan All-White Away Uniforms

Mark the date and time because I am traditionally not a fan of all-white uniforms. However, I really like what Jim Harbaugh did in bringing back the old school away duds and pride stickers.

16. UL Lafayette

We see another exception to the rule as the Ragin’ Cajuns bust out these sick threads. I also am largely against oversized logos, but the fleur-de-lis is a major part of Louisiana history and makes a great topper.

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15. Stanford All-Blacks

Oh wow, black uniforms! Haven’t seen that done before! What I like is not only the addition of the tree on the helmet, but use of cardinal for the numbers. 2014’s were so incredibly bland it feels like they were setting up for this year’s.

14. Northern Illinois’ 1965 Throwbacks

I love a good throwback and as you can see, Northern Illinois did a fantastic job recreating the uniforms worn 50 years ago when Huskie Stadium first hosted our beloved sport.

13. Texas Tech Throwbacks vs. Arkansas

Speaking of throwbacks, if your team used to be in the Southwestern Conference or Big 12, the Red Raiders brought back memories (good or bad) in early September.

12. Boston College’s “Fluties” vs. Notre Dame

We continue with throwbacks, as Boston College took a page from one of college football’s biggest moments to take on Notre Dame. The Irish coincidentally wore one of the worst uniforms of the year when the two teams met at Fenway Park in late November.

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11. Troy Trojans

The Trojans may not have strong colors, but they do manage to come across with a physical image, especially for a smaller school.

10. Hawaii’s Rainbow Warriors vs. Ohio State

Another blast from the past, the Rainbow Warriors weren’t going to knock off the defending national champions, but most people were going to love the way they looked trying. Even if you weren’t a fan, Hawaii’s threads got you talking.

9. Arizona State’s Pat Tillman Uniforms vs. Oregon

A fantastic tribute to Arizona State’s favorite son, the Sun Devils spared no expense at creating the perfect uniforms as a tip of the cap to Pat Tillman.

8. North Carolina

It’s hard not to like that Carolina Blue and it’s even harder not to like their uniforms now that they’re adorned with appropriate argyle.

7. South Florida

USF managed to finally find a true “brand” to their uniform (bull pun). Switching things up each week makes things even more fun for fans and players alike, not to mention these unis are pretty sweet.

6. San Diego State

When a school takes its mascot so seriously that the Aztec calendar graces the football uniforms, it has officially cranked things up to 11. San Diego State deserves winning seasons based on these alone.

5. Tennessee

I do love tradition with my college football and how the Vols managed to work their end zone checkerboard patterns into the helmet and pant stripes is slick.

4. Utah

A school that gets double credit is one I always enjoy watch play. The “satin” touch to the normal helmets looks awesome, especially under the lights and I couldn’t love the throwbacks more.


Utah football unveils throwback uniforms for Homecoming game against Cal ->

3. Michigan State

Michigan State added a bit more “Spartan” script to the sleeves but overall, this is just a straight, clean-cut killer look. The identity of the team is truly captured in what it wears.

2. Army vs. Navy

Leave it to the Army-Navy game to show everyone up. Army offered up another crisp, clean look to go with 17 – count ‘em – 17 different branches cadets can enter once they graduate.

1. Navy vs. Army

It’s just not fair. Year in and year out Navy puts out the most impressive threads in the nation and this year was no different. The overall look is good, but having different ships for each position group? Insane. The Midshipmen take home the gold – again.