5 College Rivalries Killed by Conference Realignment (And 6 Making a Comeback)

Please, please, please bring back these classic rivalries

Thanksgiving hasn’t been the same since the Texas A&M and Missouri started hanging out with the SEC. Or since West Virginia and Pitt started rolling with the Big 12 and ACC, respectively.


Conference realignment ended a handful of traditional rivalries, either because of scheduling conflicts or acrimonious relationships.


In other words, no more Texas-Texas A&M. No more Border War.


Rivalry week isn’t what it used to be, and, frankly, we’d wish everyone would just get along. Here’s a look at what conference changes have cost the sport in terms of history and tradition.

Texas-Texas A&M

Last played: 2011
Played on Thanksgiving in most years, this heated rivalry ended when the Aggies left the Big 12 for the SEC. The 2012 season maked the first time since 1915 that A&M and Texas haven’t been in the same league — both were charter members of the Southwest Conference and then the Big 12. Few rivalries run as deep in the traditions of each school. Both fight songs mention the other (“Goodbye to Texas University. So long to the Orange and White” in the Aggie War Hymn, “And it’s goodbye to Texas A&M” in Texas Fight). Bevo has been kidnapped through the course of the rivalry, so has Reveille. Long in the shadow of the Longhorns, Texas A&M broke with Texas to join the SEC. Coaches for both programs have expressed interest in resuming the rivalry, but there's too much animosity between the powers that be to expect an Aggies-Longhorns Thanksgiving in the near future.



Last played: 2011
Just because the Border War (now the Border Showdown) doesn’t rise to the same level of national attention as Michigan-Ohio State or the Iron Bowl, that doesn’t make it any less nasty across all sports. Before Missouri left for the SEC, Kansas-Missouri was the oldest rivalry West of the Mississippi. The series has included brawls, conniving and upsets over the years. But now it’s just a Cold War. While he won’t be the final say, Kansas basketball coach Bill Self has indicated he wouldn’t mind of the Jayhawks never played Missouri again.


Michigan-Notre Dame

Last played: 2014

The Michigan-Notre Dame series has been marked by lulls from 1944-77 and 1910-41, but the two teams have met nearly every year since 1978. The series was an apparent casualty from Notre Dame’s agreement to face four or five ACC schools every season. It remains to be seen how the arrangement will affect Notre Dame’s other traditional games against Michigan State and Purdue. Notre Dame has indicated its top rivalries to preserve would be those with USC, Navy and Stanford.



Last played: 2014

Louisville and Cincinnati have been travel partners for most of their history, sharing conference affiliations in the Missouri Valley, the Metro, Conference USA, the Big East and for a year the American. That ended when Louisville bolted for the ACC. The Ohio River rivalry separated by 100 miles is also the home for one of the better non-Big Ten trophy games with the Keg of Nails. With Bobby Petrino back at Louisville and his former boss Tommy Tuberville at Cincinnati, this one could be a good personal grudge match.


Baylor-Texas A&M

Last played: 2011

The Aggies lost a host of old Southwest Conference matchups when they joined the SEC — though they did get one back with Arkansas in the SEC West, plus the continuation of the series with LSU. Baylor-Texas A&M isn’t missed as much as Texas-Texas A&M, but the Battle of the Brazos has deep roots. Baylor was the closest co-educational school to Texas A&M when College Station was an all-male campus before 1911 — so do the math. From 1958-90, the series was more competitive than one might thing, and the Aggies 31-30 win in 1986 was regarded as the game of the ‘80s by Texas Football magazine. As with all Texas rivalries, there’s a political element here with the governorships (Ann Richards for Baylor and Rick Perry for Texas A&M) in play.


Rivalries making a Comeback


Last played: 2014 (bowl game), 2008 (regular season)

Next meeting: 2021
The two programs have played only three times in the regular season since Arkansas left the Southwest Conference in 1992. The most recent meeting was a 31-7 Arkansas win in the Texas Bowl last season. The rivalry was at its best when the top two coaches for each school — Darrell Royal at Texas and Frank Broyles at Arkansas — overlapped from 1958-78. In 1969, No. 1 Texas defeated No. 2 Arkansas 15-14 on Dec. 2 of that season. In that famous game, President Richard Nixon attended and declared the Longhorns national champions. Unless there's another postseason matchup between the two, the Hogs and Horns won't play for a period of 13 years during the regular season. There are no plans to play afte 2021.



Last played: 2008

Next meeting: 2019?
Once the longest running series in the Sunshine State ended when the SEC moved to an eight-game schedule. The Gators kept their annual series with Florida State, set in motion by the state legislature (Miami also continued to play FSU every year well before both were in the ACC). Florida and Miami played every year from 1938-87, ending just as both programs achieved national prominence. The two teams met intermittently since, but they’ve played only five times since the series ended. Reports have indicated that Florida and Miami will open the 2019 season with a matchup in Orlando, but the deal is not yet official.


Last played: 2010

Next meeting: 2021
Consider this: there’s a whole generation out there that never watched Nebraska and Oklahoma face off on Thanksgiving.  As the Big Eight’s preeminent powers during the 1960s, '70s and '80s, one program in the rivalry was a consistent foil for the other. At one point, the winner of this game won the Big Eight in 31 of 36 seasons, including the 1971 Game of the Century between the No. 1 Cornhuskers and No. 2 Sooners. The formation of the Big 12 ended this game as an annual event, and Nebraska’s departure for the Big Ten ended regular meetings altogether. A sliver of good news, though: The series has been scheduled for a non-conference home-and-home in 2021-22.


Penn State-Pittsburgh

Last played: 2000

Next meeting: 2016
This used to be the biggest rivalry game for both schools, but it was at its best in the late 1970s and '80s when Pitt was a national title contender under Jackie Sherrill and Johnny Majors. Penn State coach Joe Paterno was not the biggest fan of Sherrill, and Pittsburgh was not the biggest fan of the Eastern football league Paterno hoped to establish. Pitt joined the Big East instead. When Penn State joined the Big Ten, it all but ended the series.


Pittsburgh-West Virginia

Last played: 2011

Next meeting: 2022

Separated by 80 miles, the Backyard Brawl was turned up a notch when Pittsburgh stopped playing its other top rival, Penn State. With both teams in the Big East and the game taking place in the final week of November in all but one year since 1997, the rivalry took a new look. The most significant game in the rivalry, though, was in 2007 when a then-No. 2 West Virginia team lost its bid to the national championship thanks to a monumental 13-9 upset to a 4-7 Pittsburgh team.


Virginia Tech-West Virginia

Last played: 2005

Next meeting: 2017

The Hokies and Mountaineers were regular foes when the two programs were independents and then as Big East rivals. This is each team’s No. 2 rival at best with the Commonwealth Cup and Backyard Brawl taking top billing for both fanbases. But they did play for the Black Diamond Trophy since 1997, and played a classic matchup in 1999 when Mike Vick led a game-winning drive in the final 23 seconds. The series will resume on a neutral field in 2017 and then as a home and home in 2021-22.

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