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Conference USA Football 2021 All-Conference Team

Sincere McCormick, UTSA Roadrunners, Conference USA Football 2021 All-Conference Team

Sincere McCormick, UTSA Roadrunners, Conference USA Football 2021 All-Conference Team

The 2021 All-Conference USA team is led by 15 selections from UTSA, with UAB, FAU and Marshall up next with 12 picks. The next tier is headlined by FIU (11), WKU (10), North Texas (eight) and Louisiana Tech (eight) on the Conference USA All-Conference Team for '21. 

Athlon Sports has released its top 25 for 2021. Now, it’s time to take a look at the best of the best and honor the top players in the league with a release of first, second, third and fourth all-conference teams for 2021.

An important note on the all-conference teams: These are based on how players will perform in 2021. Career statistics and awards matter in the evaluation, but choosing players for the 2021 all-conference team is largely based on predicting and projecting the best for the upcoming year. Also, team strength does not play a role in selections. These are the best individual players at each position in the league for '21.

Conference USA Football 2021 All-Conference Team

First-Team Offense  

QB       Grant Wells, Marshall

RB       Sincere McCormick, UTSA

RB       Frank Gore Jr., Southern Miss

AP       Jordan Myers, Rice

WR      Victor Tucker, Charlotte

WR      Zakhari Franklin, UTSA

TE       Xavier Gaines, Marshall

C          Ahofitu Maka, UTSA

OL       Alex Mollette, Marshall

OL       Colby Ragland, UAB

OL       Sidney Wells, UAB

OL       Spencer Burford, UTSA

First-Team Defense 

DL       DeAngelo Malone, WKU

DL       Dion Novil, North Texas

DL       Jamare Edwards, Marshall

DL       Antonio Moultrie, UAB

LB        Tyler Grubbs, Louisiana Tech

LB        Hayes Maples, Soutern Miss

LB        Trevor Harmanson, UTSA

DB       Kris Moll, UAB

DB       Steven Gilmore, Marshall

DB       Reed Blankenship, Middle Tennessee

DB       Rashad Wisdom, UTSA

First-Team Specialists

K         Hunter Duplessis, UTSA

P          Lucas Dean, UTSA

KR       Lexington Joseph, FIU

PR       Smoke Harris, Louisiana Tech

Second-Team Offense

QB       Bailey Zappe, WKU

RB       DeWayne McBride, UAB

RB       D'vonte Price, FIU

AP/RB Johnny Ford, FAU

WR      Jacob Cowing, UTEP

WR      Jarrin Pierce, Middle Tennessee

TE       Joshua Simon, WKU

C          Nick Weber, FAU

OL       Cole Spencer, WKU

OL       Jacob Brammer, North Texas

OL       Shea Baker, Rice

OL       Makai Hart, UTSA

Second-Team Defense

DL       Praise Amaewhule, UTEP

DL       Jaylen Joyner, FAU

DL       De'Braylon Carroll, Rice

DL       Lorenzo Dantzler, UTSA

LB        Noah Wilder, UAB

LB        Eli Neal, Marshall

LB        Charles Wiley, UTSA

LB        Trey Baldwin, Louisiana Tech

DB       Gregory Grate, Middle Tennessee

DB       TD Marshall, UAB

DB       BeeJay Williamson, Louisiana Tech

DB       Nazeeh Johnson, Marshall

Second-Team Specialists     

K         Brayden Narveson, WKU

P          John Haggerty, WKU

KR       Camron Harrell, Southern Miss

PR       Talik Keaton, Marshall

Third-Team Offense

QB       Chris Reynolds, Charlotte

RB       Deion Hankins, UTEP

RB       Marcus Williams, Louisiana Tech

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AP/RB DeAndre Torrey, North Texas

WR      Brad Rozner, Rice

WR      Jason Brownlee, Southern Miss

TE       Hayden Pittman, UAB

C          Manase Mose, North Texas

OL       Bobby DeHaro, UTEP

OL       Khalique Washington, Southern Miss

OL       D'Mitri Emmanuel, Charlotte

OL       Will Ulmer, Marshall

Third-Team Defense           

DL       Markees Watts, Charlotte

DL       Davon Strickland, FIU

DL       Jordan Ferguson, Middle Tennessee

DL       Keenan Stewart, UTEP
DL       Tyree Turner, UAB

LB        DQ Thomas, Middle Tennessee

LB        Jamal Gates, FIU

LB        Chase Lasater, FAU

LB        KD Davis, North Texas

DB       Corey Mayfield, UTSA

DB       Zyon Gilbert, FAU

DB       Rishard Dames, FIU

DB       Antwon Kincaide, WKU

Third-Team Specialists

K         Jacob Barnes, Louisiana Tech

P          Matt Hayball, FAU

KR       Jermaine Brown, UAB

PR       Jake Bailey, Rice

Fourth-Team Offense

QB       Frank Harris, UTSA

RB       Sheldon Evans, Marshall

RB       Oscar Adaway, North Texas

WR      Trea Shropshire, UAB

WR      Deonte Simpson, North Texas

WR      TJ Chase, FAU

WR      Shemar Thornton, FIU

WR      Mitchell Tinsley, WKU

WR      Corey Gammage, Marshall

TE       Rivaldo Fairweather, FIU

C          Isaac Weaver, Old Dominion

OL       Desmond Noel, FAU

OL       Joshua Mote, Louisiana Tech

OL       Lyndell Hudson, FIU

OL       Clay Servin, Rice

OL       Mason Brooks, WKU

Fourth-Team Defense

DL       Jeremy Darvin, WKU

DL       Willie Baker, Louisiana Tech

DL       Tahj Sykes, Southern Miss

DL       Jaylon Haynes, UTSA
DL       Alex Wright, UAB

DL       Evan Anderson, FAU
LB        Treshawn Chamberlain, Rice

LB        Ahman Ross, FAU

LB        Tyler Murray, Charlotte

LB        Jamal Ligon, UTSA

LB        Jordan Young, Old Dominion

DB       Makyle Sanders, North Texas

DB       Richard Dames, FIU

DB       Jon Alexander, Charlotte

DB       Brandon Drayton, Marshall

DB      Jordan Helm, FAU

Fourth-Team Specialists      

K         Briggs Bourgeois, Southern Miss

P          Tommy Heatherly, FIU

KR       LaJohntay Wester, FAU

PR       Bryce Singleton, FIU

Total Selections on Athlon's 2021 All-C-USA Team


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Middle Tennessee


North Texas


Old Dominion




Southern Miss










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(Sincere McCormick photo by Jeff Huehn/UTSA Athletics)