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The Fallacy of Nebraska’s Nine-Win Season Streak

By Brandon Cavanaugh, 1 year 8 months ago
Mike Riley was named the new head coach of Nebraska football last December amidst anger by some Cornhusker fans and confusion by the college football world, both fans and analysts. Only a few days out from the start of the 2015 season, ESPN showed this graphic (information on achievements added) on the most consecutive nine-win seasons (active) among FBS programs:  Why did the Huskers...

College Football 2015 Conference, Playoff and National Championship Predictions

By Steven Lassan, 1 year 8 months ago
The start of college football’s 2015 season is less than 10 days away. The 2015 season officially begins on Thursday, Sept. 3 and ends on Jan. 11 with the national championship in Glendale, Ariz. The first season of the College Football Playoff was a huge success and the second year should have just as much intrigue. Athlon’s editors met before the preseason magazine was...

College Football's Top 30 Defensive Backfields for 2015

By Steven Lassan, 1 year 8 months ago
Finding and evaluating cornerbacks and safeties is one of the most difficult jobs for any college football coaching staff. Competition level and a variety of offenses in high school create a several obstacles in player evaluation. But for some programs, finding the next stars at defensive back is an easy task. LSU and Florida consistently bring in and develop defensive back talent. And it...

College Football's Top 35 Wide Receiver Groups for 2015

By Steven Lassan, 1 year 8 months ago
While offensive and defensive lines are arguably more important to the success of any college football team, it’s the skill talent – running backs or receivers – and quarterbacks that generate most of the preseason attention. And with the balance of power in football shifting to the offense, big-play threats and speedy receivers are more valuable than ever. Compiling the...

Ranking College Football's Best and Worst Logos in 2015

By Athlon Sports, 1 year 8 months ago
Just about every sports fan is tied to their team’s logo, which makes ranking logos complicated. To get an educated opinion on what is a good logo and what isn't, Athlon Sports turned to one of the people most responsible for helping produce some of the best-looking magazines on the newsstands, graphic designer Daly Cantrell. After going through each of the Power 5...

3 Reasons to be Optimistic About the Iowa Hawkeyes in 2015

By Rob Donaldson, 1 year 8 months ago
Kirk Ferentz has been the man in Iowa City for nearly two decades, but as of recently it seems Iowa Hawkeye fans have begun to grow a little restless with their team’s average performances year in and year out. However, in this article we’ll try and step away from all the negativity surrounding this Hawkeye team and give you some reasons for optimism. Related: Iowa 2015...

Ohio State Begins 2015 College Football Season as the "King of the Mountain"

By Chip Minnich, 1 year 8 months ago
The game "King of the Mountain" is one of those childhood memories I sometimes look back upon fondly, sometimes wistfully. Those times when I was able to knock some neighborhood friend from the lofty perch of King of the Mountain, becoming the king myself, are the fond moments. The instances where I was the one unceremoniously toppled from my lofty perch as the king are the wistful...

College Football’s Week 1 FCS vs. FBS Betting Lines of Note

By Matt Josephs, 1 year 8 months ago
The first week of the 2015 college football season features a boatload of FBS vs. FCS matchups. Most people out there refuse to bet on those games, but sometimes they represent some of the best value out there. There are multiple FCS teams that are live underdogs with some having the chance to win outright. Here’s a look at some season openers of note (lines courtesy of 5Dimes Sportsbook...

10 Players Who Will Decide College Football's 2015 National Title

By Steven Lassan, 1 year 8 months ago
Every college football team has personnel issues or question marks entering the 2015 season. But some concerns are bigger than others for teams in the national title or playoff mix. Whether it’s a quarterback battle, an open spot at defensive tackle or cornerback, every personnel concern is magnified in the race to win a national championship. Which players could shape the national...

College Football's Top 30 Linebacker Units for 2015

By Steven Lassan, 1 year 8 months ago
Picking the top linebacker units in college football is no easy task. After all, schemes dictate how linebackers are used and the rise of spread offenses generally means more defensive backs on the field. Regardless of whether a scheme utilizes a 4-3, 3-4, 4-2-5 or nickel package, linebackers are a critical component to any defense. How should a team with four starters at linebacker compare to...