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Cover 2 College Football Podcast: Bowl Preview Part 1

Texas A&M Aggies

Texas A&M Aggies

Hosts Braden Gall and David Fox break down the latest news and notes from college football as well as Part 1 of our bowl preview.

Here is what we covered in this week's podcast:

- How many bowls is the right number of bowls?

- What is your perfect way to consume bowls?

- How do we feel about Playoff games on New Year's Eve? (And who's to be blamed?)

- What are the biggest concerns about the Mizzou law that failed?

- Why does the SEC love it's coaches so much that they keep recycling them?

- Where should BYU turn now that it's first choice stayed at Navy?

- What the hell is going on at Texas A&M and is Kevin Sumlin in trouble?

And in Part 1 of our bowl preview, we tell you what to watch for on every day of the first half of bowl season (Dec. 19 through Dec. 28).

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