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Cover 2 College Football Podcast: Recruiting Special with 247Sports' Barton Simmons

College Football

College Football

Hosts Braden Gall and David Fox are joined by National Recruiting Analyst from 247Sports.comBarton Simmons in a college football recruiting potpourri podcast. It's comprehensive, throrough and educational. This isn't your normal recruiting podcast.

Simmons exlpains the evaluation process, how it has changed over time, what exactly recruiting services are trying to accomplish with their rankings and how the validity of the rankings has evolved. 

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Which recruiting battle is he most looking forward to tracking: The State of Texas, the Big Ten East or the City of Los Angeles? Who did better than expected on the trail in 2015? Who didn't do what they needed to? The guys also break down coaching leaving after Signing Day, decommitments and bizarre recruiting lingo.

Simmons also tells stories about sleeping in his car in Florida, trying to find cell service in Mississippi and his personal struggles with the word "stud."

Send any ideas, questions or comments to @BradenGall or @DavidFox615 or email The podcast can be found on, iTunes, Stitcher and our podcast RSS feed.