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Danny Kanell Poses Hypothetical College Football Playoff With 3 ACC Teams

Danny Kanell.

In the 8 years since college football switched from the BCS format, no singular conference has admitted more than two teams in a season into the four-team College Football Playoff. 

However, CBS Sports' Danny Kanell presented an interesting hypothetical this morning when he tried to make a case for the ACC getting three 1-loss teams into the playoff.

"Since we love hypotheticals so much.... Could the ACC get three teams in the playoff???" Kanell tweeted Wednesday morning. "1. UNC 11-1 ACC Champion, 2. Clemson 11-1 ACC Runner Up, 3. Syracuse 11-1 only loss to Clemson by FG."

In Kanell's hypothetical scenario, North Carolina would win the conference with one loss to Notre Dame. Clemson, currently 7-0, would finish the season 11-1* and ACC runner up (*Clemson, following Kanell's hypothetical, would likely finish the regular season 12-0 before losing to UNC in ACC championship to finish 12-1).

Syracuse, the only other remaining undefeated team in the ACC, would supposedly suffer a loss to Clemson by a field goal to finish their season 11-1.

If Kanell's hypothetical sounds like a lot to digest, it's because it is. 

His idea of three ACC teams in the College Football Playoff is predicated on those teams winning a specific combination of games to finish the season, as well as a very close finish to the Clemson-Syracuse matchup. 

Speaking of Clemson and Syracuse, the two teams will square off this weekend in a matchup that has the chance to poke big holes in Kanell's bold hypothetical.