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Danny Kanell Says 3 SEC Teams Reaching Playoff Is 'Not Happening'

Danny Kanell.

As always, the first College Football Playoff rankings of the season have college football fans and talking heads speculating about what the four-team field will look like.

One possible unique scenario that's been floated is the prospect of having three one-loss SEC teams at the end of the season, all of which could look like strong contenders for the playoff.

But former Florida State quarterback and current radio host Danny Kanell believes there is a "zero percent chance" of three teams from the same league making the four-team playoff field.

"Can't believe how much air has been wasted on this 3 SEC teams in the CFB Playoff's not happening," Kanell tweeted. "Like zero percent chance. And yet that's all ESPN wants to talk about. It's almost like they have a vested interest."

To be sure, the SEC would not only need things to break exactly right within its own league to position three teams for the playoff, but some help elsewhere, as well. 

Through Week Nine, it's still possible for the ACC, Big Ten and Big 12 to produce undefeated conference champions. A Power Five team that wins all of its games and its league title seems extremely unlikely to be left out.

But if Clemson and TCU slip up before the end of the season, it's not hard to envision a scenario in which three SEC teams look like more deserving candidates.

One of Georgia and Tennessee has to lose this weekend as the two teams face one another, but if neither team stumbles at any other point during the regular season, plus Alabama wins the remainder of its games, the winner between the Bulldogs and Vols would face the Crimson Tide in the SEC championship game. If the Tide were to then prevail in Atlanta, it would lead to Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee all having one loss, but also all having at least one win over another team in that trio.

Alabama would almost certainly be assured a spot in that scenario. The SEC champion has never been excluded from the College Football Playoff since its inception in 2014.

But there's historical evidence to suggest Georgia and Tennessee could get in, too.

Georgia went 12-0 during the regular season before losing the SEC title game last year and still made the playoff field. And Alabama made the field in 2017 after failing to win its division within the SEC but finishing with one loss. 

Typically, these things work themselves out, and there's not much controversy in the end about which four teams deserve a spot in the CFP.

But that won't stop fans and media alike from speculating about the possibilities, even if Kanell thinks doing so is a waste of air.