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ESPN's Rece Davis Announces Significant Lee Corso Update

ESPN's Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit

The legendary Lee Corso hasn't been at full strength health-wise this college football season, but he's not missing a trip to his beloved Eugene location. 

ESPN's Rece Davis told reporters this Friday that Corso is determined to not miss Saturday's show at the University of Oregon. 

Corso has said multiple times before that Eugene is one of his all-time favorite destinations. His love for The Duck has been well-documented. 

Corso isn't missing the Week 8 show ahead of the Oregon vs. UCLA game. 

“He’s not missing this with his affinity for the Duck. He’s here to have a reunion with him," said Davis.

A fantastic update on Lee Corso and for Duck and college football fans far and wide. 

College GameDay simply isn't the same without Corso on the show. But the Pat McAfee addition has been a big boost for the production.

Corso will be joined by Kirk Herbstreit, the rest of the usual gang and celebrity guest picker Sabrina Ionescu on Saturday morning.